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In this time of healthy lifestyle & conscious living, we at Aadvik Foods take pride in introducing you to a super food that must be added to your diet today- Camel Milk and Camel Milk powder.

Our vision is to provide the camel breeders a sustainable source of income and support them to continue camel herding. We at Aadvik take pride in being the pioneers of a nutrient-rich superfood which has helped in sustaining the camel population in the deserts of India, previously on a decline considered as dead stock. We especially undertake the training of our breeder partners to help them conscientiously raise their camels, fed on a rich natural diet to enhance lactating efficiency and maintain its population.

Quality has always been our priority, hence, we work closely with the breeders to ensure that our products are safe & hygienic. We at Aadvik foods aim at bringing the best quality camel milk and its products, sourced directly from the best camel breeders in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Our goal is to bring the healthiest camel milk products at your doorstep. We perform quality checks at every step to make sure that the nutritional benefits of the products are intact.

In a short period of time, we have acquired lakhs of customers, many of them are repeat customers who consume our products on a daily basis. From a mother to her kids, from celebrities to health freaks, Aadvik’s Camel milk products are slowly making its way to everyone’s daily diet.

Taking inspiration from our name Aadvik, which means unique, we launched a distinctive range of Camel milk, Goat milk and Cow milk products. We brought in Handmade milk soaps infused with essential oils, flavored milk powders, beauty products and delicious chocolates, all unique in their own ways for our customers.

We take pride in being India’s first company to process, brand and market Camel milk and its products in India & abroad. We promise to bring you the safest and healthiest Camel milk products for a better living, for you and your loved ones.

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