Babadham ka Peda

By Nachiket Kumar

Babadham ka Peda | Aadvik Foods

With the festive season kicking in, we received a lot of healthy dessert recipes made from Aadvik’s Camel milk powder. A food blogger with a handle name That Indian Curry gave us a delicious dessert that we couldn’t wait to share. Presenting you a version of Peda which is a very famous dessert in Bihar/Jharkhand. It’s from the holy place of Deoghar in Jharkhand.



  • Heat some water and in the warm water add packets of Camel’s Milk Powder by Aadvik foods and mix it well
  • Let it come to boil and keep stirring and scraping from sides
  • Let the milk reduce and then add cardamom powder and sugar
  • Once the milk reduces to the desired consistency then let it cook down
  • Cut small balls and flatten with use of fingers

This quick and easy to make recipe is here to win your heart. Try it out now!

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