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Business World-Healthy Citizens Contribute To Nation’s Progress: Are You Focusing On Good Nutrition?.

A nation’s progress depends heavily on the health and well-being of its citizens. It is only on the back of healthy, capable individuals that any country can achieve its full potential across all domains. However, factors such as hectic lifestyles and rising pollution levels are significantly impacting the health of Indians. This affects our cumulative productivity, ultimately hampering the growth of our economy and country, at large.

Since the occurrence of ailments and health issues is increasing, Indians require a renewed focus on good nutrition. Along with maintaining an active lifestyle, we need to start focusing on consuming healthy, wholesome foods that help us build immunity and fight diseases. Milk is one such nutrient-rich option that strengthens the bones, promotes muscle health, and promotes good health in general. However, do all types of milk provide the same kind of nutrition?

Different types of milk: Benefits and Drawbacks

Cow milk has long been touted as a healthier alternative to the commonly consumed buffalo milk. It contains high amounts of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and protein. But, is it the best option out there?

The fat content in cow milk is quite high and can contribute to unnecessary weight gain. It also contains AI casein and Beta-Lactoglobulin which make it unfit for consumption for those suffering from lactose intolerance. Additionally, it is acidic in nature and might be difficult to digest, especially after a certain age.

People across the globe are, therefore, looking for better alternatives to cow milk. As a result, camel milk and goat milk are becoming increasingly popular among those looking to invest in better nutrition. Here’s looking at the benefits of drinking camel and goat milk.

Advantages of camel milk:Read Article 

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