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Business World-Outlook For 2020: Emerging Opportunities In Indian Dairy Industry.

Outlook For 2020: Emerging Opportunities In Indian Dairy Industry

The Indian dairy industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 15% Y-O-Y to reach INR 9.4 trillion by 2020. With India already being the largest dairy producer in the world, its considerable growth can be attributed to the value creation and addition that has been characteristic of this industry. The year 2019 witnessed a revolution in the industry as alternative products such as camel milk, goat milk, and even donkey milk became a common part of the dairy dialect.

Further disrupting the industry, we saw large-scale technological integration as new-age start-ups began to flourish in the country. These start-ups redefined access to milk by delivering it straight to the consumer’s doorstep. Being dubbed as ‘milktech’ start-ups, these companies are not only stoking consumer interest but also attracting global investors. According to a 2018 study by CRISIL, the Indian dairy industry is likely to see INR 130-140 billion in investments by 2021.  With these developments, to say that the dairy industry is flourishing would be an understatement.But, is the future just as exciting for the industry? Here’s looking at certain trends that will shape the dairy sector and create more opportunities in 2020:Read more

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