Camel milk Benefits for Skin

Camel milk Benefits for Skin | Aadvik Foods & Products Pvt. Ltd.

Camel milk is becoming popular around the world for its healing effects in some of the diseases and uncountable health benefits. Slowly and steadily, Camel milk is making a place in people’s home & lifestyle because of its numerous benefits. But not a lot of people know that it has some outstanding effects on our skin as well.

Some also believe that Camel milk works better than Vitamin C on skin. Herders and people living in deserts consider Camel milk to be spectacular for skin. Presence of high nutrients & vitamins makes it an excellent potent for both health & skin.

Camel milk is known to have a high amount of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that helps in removal of dead skin and overall renewal of skin. It is also rich in lactic acid that not just moisturises one’s skin but makes it look fresher and cleaner.

That is not it, presence of lanolin makes it perfect for people with dry and sensitive skin. It also has 3 times Vitamin C than cow’s milk which is why it is also considered to be majestic in anti-ageing properties. Camel milk is also rich in Zinc & Magnesium which is responsible for the removal of acne. It is said to remove scars and marks from one’s face if consumed/applied daily.

Camel milk is becoming popular day by day among people and now we know why! It won’t be wrong to say that it is one pit stop solution for your skin problems. Don’t believe us?

Try it yourself!

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