Is it safe to drink Camel Milk?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to drink camel milk, after all, it is milk. However, we suggest that you should take your physician’s recommendation before making any changes to your diet.

Can children drink camel milk?

Yes, of course! Camel Milk is rich in vitamins and minerals that act as a great source of energy and growth for children and is an excellent healthy choice for all.

Can pregnant women drink camel milk?

Camel Milk contains 10 times more iron and 3 times more vitamins and minerals than cow’s and other forms of milk, so it will be beneficial for pregnant women as it will help in keeping the body healthy and will also help in maintaining a healthy immune system, which is also beneficial for the baby. 

Is camel milk lactose-free?

No, Camel Milk is not completely lactose-free. If anyone states that camel milk does not contain lactose, it is not the truth. It contains a lower amount of lactose, which acts as beneficial for lactose-intolerant people. Furthermore, the allergens present in cow milk and other types of milk are absent in camel milk.

Does pasteurized camel Milk have the same medicinal properties as raw camel milk?

Yes. Pasteurized Camel Milk has the same medicinal properties as raw camel milk. There are various potential health risks when consuming raw camel milk; hence, it is recommended that you should consume pasteurized camel milk. If you would like to consume Raw Camel Milk, you must take your physician’s advice before consuming it. 

What is the shelf-life of Camel Milk?

Camel Milk has a shelf-life of 2-3 days if kept properly in the refrigerator (2-5 degrees Celsius). You can freeze it for up to 2 months. Once defrosted, consume it within 2-3 days. 

How will I know if the milk has gone bad?

If you get a pungent smell after opening the bottle, it means that the camel milk has gone bad. Dispose of it and do not consume it.

How much camel milk can one consume in a day?

It depends upon the person who is consuming it. For adults, the recommended quantity is 250-500ml/day; however, for children, you must start with small amounts and increase the dosage gradually, in accordance with their body’s adaptability. Please consult your dietician/physician for detailed dosages. 

How does camel milk taste?

Camel Milk is on the saltier side, as the taste of the milk is completely dependent on the grass and shrubs that the camels eat in the desert.

Are there any side effects of consuming camel milk?

No, there are no side effects for consuming camel milk, as it has a higher volume of nutrients, proteins, and minerals that keep the body healthy and safe from various diseases.

Does it help in curing autism?

Camel milk, when given to individuals suffering from autism, helps to improve their communicative skills, motor activities, keeps their brain and body healthy, and reduces hyperactivity, so it can be said that camel milk positively helps in curing autism.

Does camel milk have higher insulin properties than other milk?

Yes, camel milk has higher insulin properties than other milk and it has a higher content of zinc which plays a key role in insulin secretory activity in the pancreatic beta cells.

Is it safe for children with allergies?

Yes, it is safe for children with allergies, as it has a different protein profile than cow’s milk and can be better tolerated by individuals with lactose intolerance.

When is the best time to drink camel milk?

The best time to consume camel milk is in the morning. It must be the first thing on your to-do list for the day and the last thing in the evening on an empty stomach.

Is there any loss of nutrients when camel milk is frozen?

Different researches have been conducted on this and they have shown that there is no decrease in the enzymes in the milk when frozen. However, there is a slight decrease in Vitamin C. Studies show that there is not enough significant loss of Vitamin C to be concerned about the loss of the value of the milk.

Can camel milk be served warm?

Yes, the milk can be served warm, However, heating the milk can cause it to lose some of its nutritional benefits. Therefore, we suggest that the temperature of the milk be kept very low to barely warm the milk if it is warmed, and never warm the milk in a microwave. Microwave heating can cause most of the nutritional value to be lost.

Can camel milk be used for height growth?

 Camel milk has a high amount of calcium and other significant nutrients necessary for the overall growth and development of the body, hence, it may prove successful in increasing the height until a certain age and it depends on various other factors also.

What should be the dosage of camel milk for boosting immunity?

Consuming camel milk on a daily basis, with 200ml being the dosage will help to boost immunity.

What should be the dosage of camel milk for diabetics?

The recommended dosage of camel milk for a diabetic patient is 400-500ml per day, which experts say has shown positive results, which has to be increased gradually from 50-100 ml.

What is the dosage of Camel Milk for individuals with Milk Allergies?

If your child has milk allergies, start camel milk slowly. They should not exceed 16 ounces on a daily basis and should not remain on this dosage for a period longer than 6 months. Decrease the dosage if they show any signs of allergy such as eczema, constipation, or rashes.

What should be the dosage of camel milk for individuals with gut problems?

Start with approximately 100ml of camel milk daily. If you see any signs of bloating or any other issues, you may be overdoing it. Stop with the dosage and start with small amounts. You will see the difference yourself.

Can Camel milk help in increasing height?

As per the customers’ feedback and research, yes, Camel Milk helps in increasing height but usually it gives more fruitful results if you’re below 21 Years of age and you are doing yoga regularly along with the proper nutritional diet.

What is a die-off?

Die-off or Herxheimer reaction occurs when yeast, bacteria or virus-cell are rapidly killed and metabolic by-products are released into the body.

What are the symptoms of die-off?

The symptoms vary and can include brain fog, low-grade fever, chills, earache, headache, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, nausea, swollen glands and/or lymph nodes, gas, bloating, diarrhoea, joint and muscle pain, rash, hives, sweating, sinus infections, vaginal or prostate infections.

When does the die-off period start?

Die-off usually does not occur unless too much camel milk is consumed at too high of a dose too fast or if it is combined with specific nutrients.  It is best to set up a consultation if this is a problem. The die-off can be within the first few days of consuming the camel milk and should dissipate within a week.

How long does die-off take and should I discontinue giving milk?

It is best to stop the milk until the symptoms of the die-off have been resolved, and then start again at a lower dosage, and only continue to “up” the dosage every 5 days instead of every 3 days.  The entire maintenance dosage may need to be regulated.

How do you maintain the quality of Raw Camel Milk Powder?

At Aadvik, we believe in maintaining the quality of all our products. With Raw camel milk powder, we go one step further and take care of the quality at each step. Proper temperature-controlled transportation is used for the milk till it is converted into powder. Every batch of the final product is tested for quality and only then the product is made available to the customers. We share a copy of the lab test report with our customers along with the order.

How to consume Raw Camel Milk Powder?

Consuming Freeze-dried Raw Camel Milk Powder is really easy. Take a glass of warm water (approx 200ml), followed by 2 tablespoons of Aadvik Raw Camel Milk Powder. Mix it thoroughly and your milk is ready.

What should be the dosage of raw camel milk powder?

Please consult your physician/dietician before consuming raw camel milk. It is recommended to start with lower amounts, maybe approx 50ml a day, and then increase the dosage accordingly.

What is the difference between Raw & Pasteurized Camel Milk Powder?

Raw camel milk is not heat-treated, this is to preserve all the naturally occurring properties in camel milk. Pasteurized camel milk is heated at 72℃ for 15 seconds (we use the HTST method of pasteurization). Pasteurization is done to remove harmful bacteria from the milk. On the other hand, we take good care of the quality and hygiene of our Raw camel milk powder and it is tested for every batch before being dispatched to our end customers.

Why is there no other Raw Camel Milk Powder available in the market as of now?

It takes immense care and hard work to keep the quality in control for any raw milk. We at Aadvik, even though are the first brand of camel milk in India, have launched raw camel milk powder after being in this industry for more than 3 years. Only when a company is confident enough and has all the quality checks in place, it should launch raw camel milk powder.

How to store Raw Camel Milk Powder and what is the shelf life?

Raw Camel Milk can be kept in a cool and dry place. Once the packet has been opened, always keep it in a closed container or close the zip of the packaging. 

The shelf life of Aadvik Raw Camel Milk Powder is 3 months if it is kept as per our recommendation. 

How to ensure a continuous supply of Raw Camel Milk Powder to you?

Since the availability of Raw camel milk is limited, you can pre-order Aadvik Raw Camel Milk Powder and we will dispatch the product to you within a month’s time. However, we will try to dispatch it as soon as possible.

What method do you use to make the powder from raw camel milk?

We use the freeze-dried method to manufacture raw camel milk powder. In the entire process, no heat is used, hence, the final product is as good as raw camel milk.

Why is Camel Milk not as popular as Cow Milk?

There is a lack of awareness among the masses about the benefits of camel milk and this lack has become the major reason that camel milk is being surpassed by the conventional source of milk, i.e., cow milk. 

We are the first company in India to brand, market, and commercialize Camel Milk production and supply. Still, there is much information that needs to be brought out and awareness needs to be created about the health benefits of Camel Milk, which has recently gained significance, and is on the rise.

Is your camel milk powder gluten-free?

Yes, it is gluten-free. You can always look for the Gluten-Free claim on the Camel Milk food packaging. 

Where do you source your camel milk from?

We have always sourced our camel milk from indigenous farmers from Rajasthan & Gujarat, who have been raising camels for years and have been living with them. Before they are brought on board, they are given proper training to maintain the hygiene and quality of the milk that will be delivered to you. 

Do you supply raw camel milk?

No, we currently do not supply raw camel milk, but we do have Raw Camel Milk Powder, which is made using the freeze-drying process, which ensures that all the nutrients and vitamins remain intact. Our Raw Camel Milk Powder is similar to that of Raw Camel Milk. you can order it by clicking here

From where can I buy Camel Milk?

The answer is simple. You can buy it from our website or you can even visit the e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. to get your pack.