Is our milk organic?

No, we do not claim our camel milk to be 100% organic; however, the camels only feed on natural flora & fauna and other foods available in the desert.  

Do you use any growth hormones or antibiotics on your camels?

No, we do not use any type of growth hormones or antibiotics on our camels. 

How do you ensure that the milk is pure and unadulterated?

we undertake checks at every step of the production process. Samples are taken from every batch of milk to check on any possible adulteration. Additionally, all our staff and farmers follow good ethical & hygienic practices at every stage of milk processing. 

Do you supply camel milk in all parts of India?

We are currently shipping camel milk to all major cities of India. Please contact us on +91 8800638181 or [email protected] to know about the delivery at your place. 

Do you supply camel milk powder in all parts of India?

Yes, we supply camel milk powder in all parts of India. 

How to Store Aadvik Camel Milk Powder?

You can store our camel milk powder under normal room temperature. All you have to do is keep the powder away from direct sunlight and moisture. 

It has a shelf-life of 9 months, but once you open it, we recommend that you consume it within 30 days. 

I found cream flakes at the bottle edges, is it safe to drink?

Yes, until you get the pungent smell, camel milk is safe for consumption. Separation is natural in camel milk, just shake it well before using it, and it will be ready. We do not homogenize our milk to keep it as natural as possible.

Why is Camel Milk & Camel Milk Powder so expensive? Also, if the shelf-life is so short, why does that make it costly?

Camel milk may not be sought after as cow milk due to lack of brand awareness.
Compared to the 600 million metric tons of cow milk produced globally, only about 3 million tons of camel milk are processed each year.


While new camel farms are appearing across the Continents, the adoration is still limited. One cow can give 50 liters per day on an average scale, while one camel can give 4 to 7 liters. The cows in the triennial will give more than 50,000 liters, while in the camels, in the triennial you'll get, maximum, 3500 to 6800 liters.


Freeze-drying is a relatively extortionate process. The paraphernalia is about three times as expensive as the paraphernalia used for other uncoupling processes, and the high energy demands affect high energy Value.

Which is better? Camel Milk or Camel Milk Powder?

Our Camel Milk, as well as Camel Milk Powder, have the same nutritional values as our Camel Milk powder is made from pure camel milk using the freeze-dried process, which ensures that the nutrients & vitamins remain intact, even in powder form. 

How to consume Aadvik’s camel milk powder?

It is very simple. Add warm water (approx 200ml) in a glass, followed by 2 tablespoons of camel milk powder. Mix it thoroughly with the help of a spoon or blender, and your milk is ready! 

P.S. An inherent characteristic of any freeze-dried product is that a few particles may not dissolve properly, but the nutritional value will remain intact.

Can Camel Milk be used as a face pack?

Camel Milk contains vital immune-boosting properties, along with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). The presence of AHAs helps in improving the recovery of dead skin cells. 

To make it easier for you, Aadvik has Camel Milk Soaps, infused with essential oils. You can order them by clicking here.

Do you use flash pasteurization for freeze-dried camel milk products?

Aadvik’s Camel Milk Powder is HIST Pasteurized before undergoing freeze-drying treatment. We have Raw Camel Milk Powder, which is not Pasteurized at all, and it is taken for the freeze-drying process in its Raw form.”