<strong><a href="">Health Vision-Aadvik Foods launches raw camel milk powder</a>.</strong> | Aadvik Foods

Health Vision-Aadvik Foods launches raw camel milk powder.

Aadvik Foods launches Raw Camel Milk Powder

Aadvik Foods, India’ first brand in camel milk industry, has recently launched raw camel milk powder. With this launch, Aadvik Foods further adds to its unique product portfolio consisting of 40 SKUs including frozen camel milk, freeze-dried camel milk powder, camel milk chocolates, and camel milk-based skincare solutions. Available for pre-order now, the raw camel milk powder is available exclusively through the company’s website.

Since its inception, pasteurized camel milk powder has been one of Aadvik Foods’ marquee offerings. With raw camel milk powder, the brand is going above and beyond in terms of quality and manufacturing processes. Raw camel milk powder is created using a unique freeze-drying process. Thus, all the naturally occurring properties of the camel milk remain intact in this unique powder.Read Full Article 

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