Why Camel Milk?

100% Pure & Natural
Easy to Digest
Easy to digest. You can drink it directly, make ice creams, smoothies and other healthy drinks from it.
Gluten Free
Camel milk is Glutenfree (Lab tested). Suitable for people allergic to cow's milk.
Immunity Booster
Camel's milk improves the immunity of the body. It helps in gut healing, reducing hyperactivity, and improving behaviour.

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What are the benefits of camel milk?

Camel milk has a low sugar and cholesterol level that makes it beneficial for diabetic patients and it even has insulin-like proteins, which helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels and control the insulin intake of diabetic patients.

Autism is a neurological disorder in which the individual has difficulty in understanding, communicating, and interacting socially. Oxidative stress is said to be the major reason behind autism and Camel Milk has antioxidant properties which help release oxidative stress, helping to improve speech and communication problems. Its probiotic nature that helps autistic patients maintain their gut health.

As compared to cow milk, Camel Milk has a lower amount of lactose which makes it suitable for lactose intolerants, and it does not contain beta-lactoglobulin which is the main cause of cow milk allergy. The fat globules present in Camel Milk are very small as compared to cow milk which makes it easier for lactose intolerants to digest it.

It is rich in vitamins and various other minerals which helps in keeping the body strong and boosts immunity because of the immunoglobulin content present in it. Along with this, Camel Milk is a powerhouse of ingredients that include vitamins like A, B, C, D, E and minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, etc. which helps in the overall growth and development of the body.

Experts say that as camel milk is rich in calcium it helps in keeping the bones stronger which in turn may help in height growth.

How does camel milk taste?

Camel Milk is on the saltier side, as the taste of the milk is completely dependent on the grass and shrubs that the camels eat in the desert. 

Does it help in curing autism?

 Camel milk, when given to individuals suffering from autism, helps to improve their communicative skills, motor activities, keeps their brain and body healthy, and reduces hyperactivity, so it can be said that camel milk positively helps in curing autism.

Can Camel milk help in increasing height?

As per the customers’ feedback and research, yes, Camel Milk helps in increasing height but usually it gives more fruitful results if you’re below 21 Years of age and you are doing yoga regularly along with the proper nutritional diet.

Can children drink camel milk?

Yes, of course! Camel Milk is rich in vitamins and minerals that act as a great source of energy and growth for children and is an excellent healthy choice for all. 

Is camel milk available in Delhi (India)?

We deliver 100% pure and natural pasteurised camel milk in Delhi (India) Noida, Gurgaon and other neighburing regions.