Camel Milk in Bengaluru

Among other companies selling Camel Milk in Bengaluru, Aadvik Foods is the one of the best companies to buy Camel Milk from. It started in 2016 and is the first company in India to brand, market, and sell Camel Milk, which is 100% pure and natural.

What is unique about our company is that we not only care about creating customer value but also pay attention to taking care of the camels and the camel herder community. When we started the company, the situation of the camels and camel herder community was declining. 

By introducing Camel Milk in Chennai and in India, Aadvik Foods provided a sustained employment opportunity to the camel herders which helped them lead a good life. Aadvik has carved a ‘unique’ place in every consumer’s heart justifying its name. Not only does the company sell Camel Milk Powder, but also has branched out to other products like Camel Milk Soap, Camel Milk Ghee, Camel Milk Chocolates, Camel Colostrum, etc.

Among other companies for Camel Milk in Bengaluru, Aadvik Foods is the pioneer of Camel Milk and it sells Camel Milk in powdered form. 

What colour is Camel Milk?

Camel’s Milk is generally opaque white in color and has a faint sweetish odor, but has a sharp taste and sometimes can be salty. The freeze-drying process involved in making Camel Milk powder is a very costly process and it helps in maintaining the nutritional value of Camel Milk. 

Even babies can consume Camel Milk because of its high nutritional value. Aadvik Foods provides different flavors of Camel Milk Powder which makes it really tasty and easy to drink. 

The different flavors of Camel Milk Powder do not hamper the nutritional value that Camel Milk has and helps in boosting immunity and increasing overall body strength.

What are the benefits of Camel Milk?

Camel Milk is a powerhouse of ingredients and the vitamins and minerals present in it help in maintaining overall body strength and also helps in boosting immunity.

Camel milk has a low sugar and cholesterol level that makes it beneficial for diabetic patients and it even has insulin-like proteins, which helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels and control the insulin intake of diabetic patients. 

Autism is a neurological disorder in which the individual has difficulty in understanding, communicating, and interacting socially. Oxidative stress is said to be the major reason behind autism and camel milk has antioxidant properties which help release oxidative stress, helping to improve speech and communication problems. Its probiotic nature that helps autistic patients maintain their gut health. 

As compared to cow milk, Camel Milk has a lower amount of lactose which makes it suitable for lactose intolerants, and it does not contain beta-lactoglobulin which is the main cause of cow milk allergy. The fat globules present in camel milk are very small as compared to cow milk which makes it easier for lactose intolerants to digest it.

It is rich in vitamins and various other minerals which helps in keeping the body strong and boosts immunity because of the immunoglobulin content present in it. Along with this, Camel Milk is a powerhouse of ingredients that include vitamins like A, B, C, D, E and minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, etc. which helps in the overall growth and development of the body.

Experts say that as Camel Milk is rich in calcium, it helps in keeping the bones stronger which, in turn, may help in height growth.

You might think that camels are exclusively used for transportation; however, that is not the case. People in the Middle-East, Asia, and certain African countries have been consuming Camel Milk for centuries. It is highly sought after in these countries! 

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