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Aadvik A2 Cow Ghee- The Taste of Health

Ghee is the pride of India, which originated in ancient times. Today, ghee is a part of life, which
one cannot ignore. We, at Aadvik, bring to you a 100% natural and Pure Cow Ghee, which is
churned naturally, to bring out its benefits, just for you..

Aadvik takes pride in being the innovator of Camel Milk, and we take pride in bringing to you
the best of cow ghee, with the goodness of taste and proteins. Cow Ghee has ayurvedic, natural
medicinal properties, which helps in the anti-aging process, boosting energy, detoxing the body
of harmful elements, sharpening the memory skills, and lastly, nourishing the body tissues.
Cow Milk has both A1 and A2 beta-casein protein, but there have been quite a few research that
A2 beta-casein protein is more functional and has healthier properties than A1 beta-casein
proteins. Our A2 Cow Ghee is made just from milk and contains A2 beta-casein, a type of
protein, for your good health.
Being costlier than other cow ghee, A2 cow ghee comes from Indian cows, who are few in
numbers, who can provide only 2 to 6 liters of milk every day. The A2 Ghee price is higher as
these indigenous cows provide less milk, but they are full of nutrition, which leads to the pricing
being set between 60-100 rupees per liter. Aadvik A2 Cow Milk is fully hand-churned, with all
the love, for you, with the goodness of proteins and nutrients. Buy the best cow ghee online,
The A2 Desi Cow Ghee is the best for health and can be digested by any age group. It is solely
made from desi cow milk and it lacks the A1 beta-casein protein, which is harmful to the body.
The A1 beta-casein protein affects the people who are lactose intolerant, and it differs from the
A2 beta-casein protein by one amino acid. The A2 cow ghee is better than other types of cow
ghee because it has a high nutritional value for people suffering from IBS.
Aadvik A2 Cow Ghee believes to provide the best quality products to our customers, to provide
satisfaction to them. Our first priority is our customers and we are making a product, which is
sure to fulfill all our customers’ needs. Aadvik A2 Cow Milk is a treat in a jar. It is our hard
work, for your wellness.
Are you looking for pure cow ghee? Aadvik A2 Cow Ghee is available online and is known for
its pure form. Known for its immunity-boosting properties and heightening metabolism, Aadvik
A2 Cow Ghee is worth every penny and brings you those health benefits, which you are sure to
Have you been exercising, but your efforts not bringing the results, which you need? Try Aadvik
A2 Cow Ghee, which helps lose weight and burn fat, especially tummy fat.
Bad cholesterol making you suffer so much? Go for Aadvik A2 Cow Ghee, which increases your
good cholesterol levels and improves the ability of your body to improve digestion and cure
constipation. Refined oils affect your health in a negative manner, which A2 ghee overcomes.
There are various benefits of A2 Cow Ghee, namely:

 It helps in the overall holistic development of the mind and soul.
 It helps increase the immunity of the body.
 It soothes the skin and reduces inflammation.
 It heals and nourishes the body, improves the heart’s functional properties, and reduces
joint pain.
The most important element, which the body requires is a healthy source of fat, which A2 Cow
Ghee can provide. Ghee acts as a dietary supplement for people who are lactose intolerant, as it
provides those nutrients and proteins, which are lacking from their diet. A2 Ghee is a rich source
of antioxidants, and also has anti-bacterial properties.
It has a beneficial effect on your busy schedule and lifestyle. All our bottles are smartly packed,
to avoid any leakages. This makes sure that you receive your ghee, just as it was packed by us.
Having good eyesight is something which one looks for today, in this digital world. Aadvik A2
Cow Ghee helps you overcome this problem. It helps you improve your site, or make it constant,
or maybe even make it perfect in old age. Vitamin A is something which is found in A2 Desi
Cow Ghee, helps in reducing macular degeneration and cataract development.
It is lactose-free, as Ghee, being a more refined form of fat than butter, acts as a better source of
food for people suffering from lactose intolerance.
Desi Ghee has always been an undivided part of Indian culture, since time immemorial, and
Ayurveda has described Desi Ghee as having healing properties, to recover from various types of
diseases and injuries. It has been a myth that Ghee has bad cholesterol, which is not good for
health, but there have been recent studies that have proved that one spoon of Desi Ghee boosts
the health and immunity of the body.
A2 Cow Ghee can be consumed in a few super delicious ways:
1. Can be taken as one spoon in a cooked vegetable bowl. Naturopathy has shown that
eating one spoon of ghee with cooked vegetables, provides a great deal of strength and
quality fat to the human body.
2. One spoon over rice or khichdi. The best lip-smacking cuisine in India is Rice or Khichdi
with Ghee, which has great flavor and health aids.
3. Replacing butter with ghee in soups. Butter can be replaced with ghee to make the soups
tasty and healthy. With the winter season, soups are consumed almost every day, and
adding ghee to them becomes beneficial for your health.
Since we all know that milk is the best source of protein, and A2 Cow ghee is essential for our
well-being, consuming ghee in proper amounts is the perfect for good health. It consists of the
perfect diet, which is inclusive of bringing enhancements to the bone and body cells. Pure Desi
Cow Milk Ghee contains a lot of good fats, which bring vitality to the body.

How Aadvik Ghee is prepared for you:

Aadvik promotes the use of organic products and our A2 cow ghee is manufactured from Indian
cow breeds only. The milk is heated on a low flame, to extract the best form of ghee, so that the
product retains its nutrients, texture, and freshness. We do not compromise on the natural process
of churning, that is, by hand. The final product, which we serve to you, is rich in vitamins, and
other nutrients, which when consumed together, promotes the wellness of your health. Buy
Aadvik Cow Ghee online at the best prices today!


It is of no doubt that A2 cow ghee has been the buzz-talk these days, and it is gaining a lot of
attraction than the regular ghee available in the market. A2 Cow Milk ghee has a superior taste,
is good for digestion, and is healthier than the other cow ghee available in the market. Are you
feeling low on energy? Order Aadvik A2 Ghee online. It does not have added preservatives and
additives. It brings back your energy to do that special task, which you have been dying to

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    • 100% Pure & Natural
    • Churned by Traditional Method
    • Good source of energy
    • Helps fight constipation and other Intestinal problems
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    • 100% Pure & Natural
    • Churned by Traditional Method
    • Good source of energy
    • Helps fight constipation and other Intestinal problems
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