Camel Milk Chocolate । Assorted । Classic । Roasted Almonds । Coffee । 210gms


  • Aadvik Camel Milk Chocolates- Chocolates that Taste Good & Feel Good! 
  • Made with 100% Natural & Premium Ingredients. 
  • Our Camel Milk Chocolates contain no Artificial Preservatives or Additives. 
  • Now available in three different flavours – Classic, Roasted Almonds and Coffee. 
  • Our Chocolates have a rich and delicious taste that is combined with the fact that our ingredients are sourced from the best of places! 


Crafted by experts, our Camel Milk Chocolates makes you reimagine how a chocolate should look, taste and feel like. It is an intricately crafted Camel Milk Chocolate Bar that uses 100% Natural Ingredients, that is reminiscent of the taste of the deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, with a twist of Cocoa from Idukki, Kerala! We offer a wide variety of Camel Milk Chocolates, from Classic to Roasted Almonds, to a special Coffee Flavour! Our Camel Milk Chocolates are inspired by the fine art of chocolate making, which allows us to bring to you a chocolate that is crafted to perfection. 

Enjoy an exceptional melt-in-the-mouth chocolate experience that will delight you with the taste of single-origin cocoa beans! Relish a guilt-free indulgence in the exotic world of taste of  Camel Milk Chocolates! You’ll surely fall in love with this one! 

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