Camel Milk Chocolates with Dates I 150gm


  • Royal flavors of Dates!
  • Pack of 3 bars (50gm each)
  • Top-quality Camel Milk Chocolates
  • Healthier & Smoother
  • The long chain of fatty acids enhances the texture and taste
  • Usually Dispatches within 24 to 48 Hours.



Made with the finest quality dates, Aadvik’s camel milk dates chocolate is filled with energy & goodness of Camel milk. This chocolate is a great way to treat your sweet tooth cravings, in a healthy way!

Camel Milk Health Benefits-

  • Contains much more Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin C & low-fat content than cow’s milk
  • Protects the body against viral and bacterial infections
  • Helps in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease

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Treat yourself with this pack of chocolate filled with delicious dates & rich nutrients.

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