Camel Milk Powder I Freeze Dried I 20gX25 sachets I 500gm


  • Pack of 25 sachets (20gm each)- Pocket-friendly, quite literally!100% pure & natura
  • Lower blood sugar, boost immunity and aid certain behavioral and neurodevelopmental conditions like autism.
  • Freeze-dried process ensures all the minerals and nutrients of milk remain intact in the powder form
  • Lab-tested and manufactured in ISO certified plants
  • Shelf life of 9 months, must be consumed within 30 days once opened
  • Usually Dispatches within 24 to 48 Hours.



Do you find it difficult to maintain a regular health routine amidst your busy life?

If yes, then Aadvik’s Camel Milk powder sachets will get you sorted.

Carry your sachets in your pocket or bag & get a healthy glass ready whenever & wherever you want.

Camel Milk Health Benefits-

  • Contains much more Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin C than cow’s milk hence helps in the overall growth of the body.
  • Lacks beta-lactoglobulin- the main cause of cow milk intolerance
  • Contributes to the maintenance of mental function
  • Protects the body against viral and bacterial infections
  • Helps in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease

To read more about benefits of camel milk, click here

Ready to consume in 3 steps-

  • Empty the content of one pouch in a glass
  • Add warm water (200 ml approx)
  • Mix it thoroughly with the help of spoon/blender and it’s ready to consume

Easy to digest, best quality with important nutrients, it is definitely a healthy draw.

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