Camel Milk Powder | Trial Pack | Pack of 3 Different Flavors | 80g


  • Camel milk helps in overall body growth, boosting immunity and is low in lactose.
  • Trial pack of all 3 exciting flavors of Camel Milk Powder – Plain, Banana & Chocolate
  • Aadvik Camel milk powder is lab tested and is manufactured in ISO certified plants.
  • Get this box of camel milk powder in especially designed sachets to make a glass of camel milk without any hassle.
  • Adding wealth to your health
  • Usually Dispatches within 24 to 48 Hours.



Camel Milk Powder from Aadvik will not only add wealth to your health, but with two new flavors of camel milk powder, it will also leave you astonished with its taste. This unique offering brings with it a fresh taste that the young and the old are bound to savour alike. Keeping in line with our motto, this product delivers health as well as taste. Rich in Iron, Calcium, Vitamins and Minerals, it aids in overall body development and can be cherished by health freaks as well, thanks to its low fat content. People who are lactose intolerant or are allergic to other milks, these flavored ones will suit their taste buds and they can consume it with pride. How to make a glass of camel milk from camel milk powder : Empty the content of one pouch in a glass of warm water (200 ml approx). Mix it thoroughly with the help of blender/shaker and your delicious camel milk is ready. As an inherent characteristic of any freeze dried powder, a few particles may not dissolve entirely but nutritional value will remain intact. Make 600 ml of Camel milk from this trial pack.

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