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Supporting camels and camel herders

“At a time when the Indian food and dairy industry is at the cusp of breaking new grounds every day by going planet-friendly and chefs are increasingly becoming more ingredient-driven, we at Aadvik Foods introduce to you the next superfood – Camel Milk and Camel Milk products.

We at Aadvik take pride in being the pioneers of a nutrient-rich superfood that has helped in sustaining the camel population in the deserts of India, previously on a decline considered as dead stock. We especially undertake the training of our breeder partners to help them conscientiously raise their camels, fed on a rich natural diet to enhance lactating efficiency and maintain its population.

Sourced directly from camel breeders in the interiors of Gujarat and Rajasthan, we exclusively aim to help both, the herders, by creating a sustainable source of income for them, and the people, by bringing to them the unique benefits of camel milk and camel milk products.

Supporting camels and camel herders

We have already served over 2,00,000 clients, most of whom are repeat users of our products. In addition to representing the discerning taste of the desert world, Camel Milk is beneficial for lactose-intolerant, diabetics, those suffering from autism, and overall body development. Rich in iron, calcium, and vitamin C,

our products truly resonate with our motto to add wealth to people’s health.

Driven entirely by the philosophy of sourcing locally, we are overjoyed to be able to develop a self-reliant and resilient food network, improve the local economy, and affect the health and environment of many.

We would be delighted to partner with you, and allow your creative expertise in re-creating beautiful dishes for your customers with our beautiful gift from the desert.”

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