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Times Food-Camel Milk Kheer Recipe.

Camel Milk Kheer Recipe

Kheer is synonymous with Indian festivities and celebrations. This Camel Milk Kheer is a unique rendition of the otherwise common dessert. Camel milk is loaded with health benefits and hence is a good substitute for regular milk. The preparation of this dish is similar to the regular kheer preparation wherein camel milk is boiled with rice and added with sugar and dry fruits. This easy recipe is prepared in under half an hour and will be loved by all the members of the family, be it kids or adults. Save yourself some big bucks from buying sweets from restaurants and big chains and prepare this sweet delight at home. Camel Milk Kheer will add five stars to your festival celebrations and make you a celebrated chef in the eyes of loved ones. Serve this dish at the end of your kitty party, potluck or buffet and end your meals in royal style with this dessert. It is said there is no better way of making friends than by sharing sweets, and if you serve this dish, people who come as guests will definitely leave as friends from your house. So, follow this step by step recipe to prepare this scrumptious delight and relish the sweet tastes with your loved ones. (Recipe: Anooj Wadhawan, Advisor Chef and Consultant to Aadvik Foods) Read Full Article 

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