Aadvik Foods was established in 2015, with the aim of providing the best quality natural & rich Camel Milk and its products to its customers. Our motto has been to give nothing but the ‘Best’ to you. In order to do so, we did our own set of research on how we can achieve this and that’s when “Freeze Drying” came into the picture.

Freeze Drying also known as Lyophilization is a process whereby a small amount of the product is frozen and then put under vacuum, which helps in preserving everything. It seems to be the perfect method, as it even allows you to travel with it, without any hassle. With more benefits, it can be said to be completely safe for consumption. These are: 

  1. It is lightweight.
  2. It has no added preservatives or color.
  3. It can be shipped around the world easily.
  4. A majority of the nutritional value is retained.
  5. There is no requirement of energy or electricity to consume it.
  6. All it requires is water and the correct amount of product, and you’re all set!

We are the first company in India to use freeze-drying technology to manufacture any milk powder for its benefit. Our products are freeze-dried to ensure that the quality of our products is premium. Freeze-drying ensures that the minerals, nutrients, and quality of the milk powder remain unaltered.

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Freeze-drying involves three steps :

  • Freezing phase- Freezing, also called Pre-freezing, is when the sample is frozen to a temperature below its “eutectic point” or safe freezing point.
  • Primary drying- During the primary drying phase, the pressure is lowered (to the range of a few millibars), and enough heat is supplied to the material for the water to sublimate.
  • Secondary drying- This process takes place when the product reaches a temperature above its eutectic point. In this process, the vacuum pump creates the low-pressure condition necessary for the removal of solvents, which often results in a product that appears dry.