From Aadvik, With Love. A Unique Christmas Gifting Guide. - Aadvik Foods

From Aadvik, With Love. A Unique Christmas Gifting Guide.

‘Tis the time to be jolly as it is the season of miracles! Celebrating Christmas is a fun and memorable occasion and you spend it in the best possible way with your loved ones, friends, and family! Agree? It is a special feeling because of all the lights, the carnivals, the Christmas tree and the Christmas cake that makes you feel more jolly! Okay, we agree with you that it is mostly because of the cake, but whatever it is that they put in the cake, makes us more jolly than ever, and lifts our mood even in the gloomiest of days. This folk is the magical feeling of Christmas!

You can feel it in your bones, can’t you? It’s all fun and games until you realize that Christmas is around the corner and you have literally no idea what gifts to get your family and friends! There’s no need to worry, we’ve got your back! We’ve made your hunt for the perfect Christmas gift with this guide!

To know what those are, keep on reading to find unique gift ideas and surprise your loved ones with something different and new this year!

Well, there is no limit to the creativity of Christmas gifts, so be ready, for this ride is about to get even more creative!


What better than to give your loved ones a basket full of love? We know how difficult it is to choose which chocolate to buy and which ones would be best for them!

You sure do not have to wait for Valentine’s Day to gift them chocolates, you can do it now! We’ve got just the answer to your question about which chocolate to choose! Well, you don’t have to think twice before buying Aadvik’s Camel Milk Chocolates that are made with 100% Natural Ingredients that are sourced from the best of places!

100% Pure and Natural Camel Milk sourced from the Camel Farmers of Rajasthan and Gujarat; the finest of Cocoa sourced from Idukki, Kerala; Khandsari Sugar (Unrefined Raw Sugar) from the Organic Farms of Uttar Pradesh, we’ve added it all, without any artificial preservatives or additives!

So, we think, no, no, we are sure that your loved ones will be on cloud nine to get our Camel Milk Chocolate’s Gift Box as a gift! Plus, chocolate makes everyone happy and even science agrees with us on this with us! So, what are you waiting for? Lighten up your loved ones’ day this holiday season with Aadvik Camel Milk Chocolates!


You can never go wrong with books. A book is always an ideal choice! The wide choice of the genres and formats available in books might seem a bit overwhelming, but when you see the smile on their faces when they unwrap their gift, it will be priceless! It will be worth all your efforts.

P.S. If your friend has a reading list, your job becomes easier. Whether it is a thriller, fiction, horror, romance, Bildungsroman, etc. all you have to do is get it out of them and surprise them with your thoughtful Christmas present!

A Box of Baked Goodies

What better way to celebrate Christmas if not in a healthier way! By goodies, we do not mean sugary treats! This festive and holiday season can be made healthier with Camel Milk!

Oh, yes! Camel Milk! We know what we are talking about! With all the essential vitamins and minerals, Camel Milk will surely make your evening. Bake a special Christmas cake for your loved ones with Camel Milk or bake Santa’s cookies with Camel Milk, along with a glass of Camel Milk!

P.S. Do not tell them about Camel Milk until they have tasted it! You’ll see why!


What better gift to give during the festival of joy than candles? A unique and magical gift, this is sure to make your loved ones love you even more! Personalize the candle to your choice by engraving a small, sweet message on it or picking a scent that means something special to your loved ones.

A Fitness Subscription:

Well, it’s never late to get fit! Even if you start now, you’ll be fitter tomorrow than today. We know how office work can drain your soul out and make you lethargic, and we know that it is mostly during the holiday season that you make the decision to get fit!

We know that never happens, but it’s still worth a shot.

We know how much physical exercise is important for our body to work, but we choose not to do anything about it till we have something to boost our energies. We’ll never walk that extra mile to the gym on our own to get that subscription, but if someone gives it to us, we might even consider it, won’t we?

So this can be one of the options you can choose to gift to your friends, family, or even your loved one!

Well, these were only just a few of the options that we have been considering for our friends and family, but to put it simply, there are no rules to deciding what to gift during Christmas, this time is all about you and the people dearest to you. What matters most is the thought behind your gift.

This being the season of miracles, we’ve brought a miracle to you! Let’s make Aadvik’s Camel Milk Chocolate a Christmas Tradition! It is with these chocolates that we bring hope to our local farmers, as when you buy from us, we are able to provide a sustainable livelihood to them. When your loved ones smile with our chocolates in their hands, it automatically brings a huge smile to their faces too!

To help us maintain that smile and make this festival more joyous, help us create awareness about our farmers and create a more sustainable life for them!

Get your pack of Aadvik Camel Milk Chocolate today!

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