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In a quest to explore new Ingredients

We would be glad to know about your journey. Why did you decide to pursue Nutritionist a career?

For me, all it took was a moment to decide that I wanted to make my career in Nutrition. I knew I wanted to pursue science. So when my mother mentioned, Nutrition. I knew it was the thing for me.

My reason is simple: I absolutely loved and still love food. Be it growing, studying, experimenting with different & new ingredients, working with local ingredients, cooking, teaching, healing, building positive food bonds. I love every bit of the work I do and keep falling in love with it.

Honestly, when you love something, I don't think you need anything else to keep going. Plus I want people to enjoy food in their life. So preventive Nutrition & Holistic health was my calling.

Lastly, making a difference in people's lives is always an added bonus.

Why should one explore and try new ingredients in their diets?

Nature works beautifully, it gives you just the right ingredients in every season that your body needs. Each of these ingredients is unique and has it's own nutritional, medicinal, and health benefits.

Somewhere over the years, we have forgotten so many of our local ingredients. We only know a few handfuls of veggies and fruits which are available throughout the year.

So yes, it is important we explore our local foods and ingredients. Each time you try a new ingredient it's like a new adventure- right from buying to cooking to trying out recipes. It gives you something to look forward to, adds variety too. your meals and helps nutritionally.

Lastly, it also strengthens the economy by creating markets for local ingredients and supporting local farmers/vendors.

At what interval one should try to add something new to their daily food?

That would differ from person to person. There is no thumb rule as such. You can try 1 new ingredient per day to 1 or 2 a month.

Generally, I ask people to try a new ingredient, wait for a day or two to try out another new ingredient.

What are the new ingredients you suggest, people in India should try? Please brief us on the health benefits too.

Currently, you have amazing season specials such as:

Ran Bhajya- These are a bunch of leafy vegetables that grow during the monsoon. Some grow in the early monsoon, some mid-way through, and come towards the end of the monsoon. Dragon stalk yam, Takla, phodshi, ambadi, etc are some of the examples. Each of these has a different nutritional profile and way of preparation.

Turmeric Leaves-These grows in abundance in monsoons. They not only have aromatic properties but have both nutritional and medicinal properties as well.

Cherries, Plum, peaches, litchis- Stone fruits are the fruits of the season. High in antioxidants and many micronutrients.

Ambadi- Indian Hog plum comes on the market around this time of the year. It's a great souring agent. Rich in fiber, vitamin C and other nutrients.

About our expert:

Ms. Aditi Prabhu(MSc, MBA, CDE) is a Clinical & Sports Nutritionist based out of Mumbai. Having experience of 10+ years & expertise in Preventive Nutrition & holistic Health. Her aim is to help people develop positive bonds with food by encouraging people to explore new ingredients.

Follow her: @nutritionistaditiprabhu


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