The Asian Age- 5 home-grown businesses elevating India's economy? - Aadvik Foods

The Asian Age- 5 home-grown businesses elevating India's economy?

India, which had opened its gates to many foreign players via the foreign direct investment (FDI) route to promote ease of business and roll out ample job opportunities, is finally shifting its focus on the home-grown startup ecosystem seeing the slowdown in IT hiring. NASSCOM has even predicted that the IT-BPM sector will hire at a rate of 3-3.5% year-on-year to reach 45 lakh total jobs by 2022. Meanwhile, the country’s risk-taking home-grown business ecosystem is driving India towards a better future, transforming it into an unrelenting economic powerhouse. These businesses have yielded 500+ acquisitions and created 750,000 jobs since 2014. Some of these businesses that are already on the verge of creating massive employment opportunities over the next few years are: 4. Aadvik Foods: Bikaner-based start-up, Aadvik Foods India’s first camel milk brand, directly with the camel breeders of Rajasthan and Gujarat not only creating a sustainable source of income for them but also helping them take care of the animal, thereby maintaining its population. The founders have till now worked with more than 100 camel breeders, making camel milk a successful business plan eventually not only for the Indian start-ups but also for providing a sustainable livelihood to the camel. Aadvik Foods also take the responsibility of training the camel herders and farmers to leverage business potential. Read More
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