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Camel Milk | Frozen । 200ml (Only For South Regions)

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    • Aadvik’s Frozen Camel Milk is 100% Pure & Natural. 
    • We deliver Camel Milk in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and selected NCR regions.
    • Camel Milk is said to be easier to digest as the fat globules present in it are smaller in size, which pass through the intestines easily.
    • Camel Milk helps in improving the immunity of the body, along with making the gut stronger, etc.
    • You can drink it directly, make ice creams, smoothies and other healthy drinks from it. 

For more details connect at : +91-8800638181

Specially packaged and sealed, Camel Milk (Frozen) by Aadvik Foods is a blend of minerals and vitamins milked from conscientiously raised camels who are fed on a rich natural diet, without any artificial means to enhance their lactating efficiency. Aadvik brings to you 100% Pure & Natural Camel Milk, without any Preservatives or Additives. The Raw Camel Milk is extracted and pasteurized delicately through High-Temperature Short-Time method (HTST) (also called Flash Pasteurization), so that the taste stays intact, along with its nutritional and medicinal values, and also to safeguard the milk from any contamination due to pathogens present in raw milk. Our Camel Milk reaches you in uniquely designed, food grade sterilized PET bottles - nothing added, nothing removed!

Camel milk is beneficial for the overall growth and development of the body. Not just these benefits, Camel Milk is also said to be beneficial for people with lactose intolerance, as the amount of lactose present in Camel Milk is much lower as compared to Cow Milk. It is easier to digest as the fat globules present in Camel Milk are smaller in size, which pass easily through the intestines. Camel Milk has insulin-like protein, which help in maintaining the blood sugar levels in the body and may even be beneficial in reducing the insulin intake (*As Per Research). 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pack of Aadvik’s Frozen Camel Milk today! 


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