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Goat Milk Chocolate | Roasted Hazelnut | 70g

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  • Aadvik Goat Milk Chocolates- Goodness of Goat Milk with Real Cocoa.
  • Made with Natural & Premium Ingredients.
  • Made with the finest of Cocoa, sourced from Idukki, Kerala.
  • Our Goat Milk Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate contains 42% Cocoa.
  • Does not contain any Preservatives or Additives or Artificial Flavour.
  • Goat Milk Chocolate has a creamier texture and is known to give a melt-in-the-mouth experience.


Experience the perfect blend-in-the-mouth experience with India’s 1st Goat Milk Chocolate by Aadvik. We have combined expertise with the finest of ingredients that have been sourced locally to produce the perfect chocolate, which will give you a sensation that will not only make you drool, but will also leave you wanting for more. Made with only Premium Ingredients, our Goat Milk Chocolate is one of a kind. It is deliciously crafted with care, which is a must try for all the chocolate lovers out there! The heavenly mix of roasted hazelnut and Goat Milk gives you an extraordinary delicious taste in every bite. Every piece of art cannot be explained, which is the same case with Aadvik’s Goat Milk Chocolate. It can only be felt through its taste and creamy texture. Embark on this tasteful and sensational journey of premiumness and finest quality chocolate with Goat Milk Chocolates that are Natural and do not have any artificial preservatives or additives.


Grab your pack of Aadvik Goat Milk Roasted Hazelnut Chocolates today!