Camel Ghee: A godsend to mankind

Ghee has been a traditional food in the Asian region for centuries. In the Indian culture, it has been known as Ayurvedic medicine, where it has been used as a source of food and medicine, both. However, when we refer to this type of food, the origin has been seen to be various sources, which means that it has different nutritional values added to it. Over the years, ghee is one food product that has received much bad press. To prove this, various researches have been conducted, which have shown that, instead of affecting the body, camel ghee is fit for consumption by everyone. It eventually has turned out that our grandmothers were right in adding ghee to our bowls of steaming rice and dal! In our scriptures, ghee has been equated with gold, which shows that even our ancestors knew the astonishing benefits of ghee!

What is Camel Ghee exactly?

In general words, ghee is clarified butter, which is quite popular in India. When ghee is produced, the butter is first heated, then the foam is removed from its surface, thus, conserving the fat. Previously, only cow’s milk or goat’s milk was used to make ghee, but today, as the benefits of camel milk is being brought to light, camel ghee has been gaining strength in the market. Unlike cow ghee, which has approximately 80% fat, camel ghee has only 2gms of fat in 100gms of milk, which simply represents 3% of the daily requirement of a human body. This depicts that camel ghee is beneficial for consumption by humans. It has various other benefits, which you will be able to find below, which will surely make you consider consuming ghee! 

Camel Ghee Benefits:

Camel milk surely can gain a score in terms of fat, which has shown positive effects on the health of humans. Camel milk, for centuries, has been consumed in North Africa and Asia and has already made an entry into the US markets and has gained a great reception. Today, there is a demand for more nutritious and healthy alternatives that is common to cow’s milk, which has led to an increased demand for camel milk, owing to its health benefits. With astonishing properties, camel milk is rich in Vitamin C, which is five times more higher than cow’s milk, and an iron content that is ten times higher, and has an absence of those milk properties that lead to milk allergies. These were just a few of the positive aspects of camel milk, a detailed description of the benefits of camel ghee have been mentioned below:
  1. It helps in improving diabetes:
Various researches conducted on camel ghee and its benefits on diabetes have been proved. It has been said that camel milk ghee, extracted from camel milk is known to have complimentary properties to insulin treatment. It has the ability to improve the long-term glycemic controls and even reduce the dosage of insulin among type 1 diabetics. Being high in insulin, camel ghee helps in improving the absorption rate and makes it suitable for consumption for diabetic patients. It is known as a perfect replacement for cooking oils, which is known to be harmful for them. Lower amount of fats helps in lowering the cholesterol levels, thus smoothening the digestive tract and ensures a healthy gut. Higher content of Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. it provides the diabetics with the nutrition required by them. It even helps in reducing the glycemic index, that helps regulate the blood sugar levels.
  1. Helps recover from food allergies:
Lactose intolerance is a known disease that is caused by a deficiency of lactase in the body. It is the enzyme that is required to digest the sugar in dairy products known as lactose. A research conducted on camel milk and various food allergies among children brought forth the results that it was safe for consumption for children suffering from allergies. Camel milk has a different amount of beta-caseins and does not contain beta-lactoglobulin, which is also found in camel ghee, when it is extracted from the milk. Among lactose intolerants, the amount of lactose present can be easily metabolized by their bodies.
  1. It helps in reducing cardiovascular issues:
Being overweight may be one of the major causes of facing heart issues. Higher amounts of fats and cholesterol levels in the body lead to various diseases. Consuming camel ghee helps in losing weight as it is an excellent source of good fats. It even helps in removing the toxins out of the cells, which prove helpful in boosting metabolism. When the metabolism of the body works properly, you lose weight quickly. It contains linoleic acids, which is 2 times higher than cow’s ghee, which also helps in reducing the possibilities of heart diseases.
  1. It has anti-inflammatory properties:
Camel ghee, with its healing properties, can also be used to treat burns and swelling. As it has a lower amount of fats, it acts as a positive agent for the body that helps in reducing inflammation. Ayurveda has said that it plays an important role in wound healing and prevents scars. Loaded with Vitamin C, B2, zinc, magnesium, etc. it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent against various infectious diseases.
  1. It helps in obtaining beta-casein:
Camel ghee contains A2 beta-casein. Most of the ghee obtained from cows contain A1 beta-casein, instead of A2 beta-casein. In various researches, it has been found that A1 beta-casein breaks down into an opioid peptide called the beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7). This BCM-7 can affect the immune system negatively, cause inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and can even cause type 1 diabetes. This shows that consuming camel ghee is beneficial for the proper health of the body.
  1. It helps in boosting immunity:
With a higher level of proteins and other organic compounds, camel ghee, extracted from camel milk, can help in providing immunity. Various proteins present have antimicrobial properties, which have been proved helpful in improving your health. The immunoglobulins present in camel milk ghee can fight disease-causing bacteria. It even contains lactoferrin that helps in reducing the growth of infectious microbes and keeps the immune system healthy. Camel ghee benefits according to Ayurveda: According to Ayurveda, camel ghee has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties, particularly in terms of the cells, nerves and its optimistic effect on the skin. It can also help in:
  1. Promoting digestion and improving metabolism, along with constipation. 2. Detoxifying the body of harmful toxins.
  2. Stimulating concentration.
  3. Encouraging appetite.
  4. Assisting the immune system.
  5. Revivifying and renewing the old cells.
Camel Milk ghee benefits are endless, and it has recently gained attention as a health food in various countries. With its properties of low fat, anti-inflammation, diabetes control, reducing heart diseases, etc. camel ghee can be said to have valuable nutritional and therapeutic elements. All of the above reasons make camel ghee an important addition to your diet. It is a powerhouse of everything that your body needs and is recommended to all age groups. Why choose Aadvik Camel Ghee? We, at Aadvik, bring to you the best of camel ghee, loaded with all the nutrients and minerals. For us, quality is the most important aspect and we take it very seriously. We are a company that combines techniques with ingredients that are perfect for consumption. We even undertake quality tests at every step of the manufacturing process, i.e., collecting the raw material to deliver the final product to you! We are making an attempt to educate you about healthy food products and enhance your experience with the best quality camel milk products!
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