Camel Milk Soap

Camel Milk Soap: A Great Addition to your Skincare Routine

Indians have certainly been blessed with one of the most aesthetic and pleasing skin tones. It does come with its own set of challenges including but not limited to tanning, pigmentation, blotching and what not! To add to that, the harsh weather conditions and excessive pollution levels very conveniently help in making premature aging readily visible to all! To our surprise, the participation of youth in the self-love culture and ideas, have led to something really positive and brought about a shift that has made them more conscious and self aware of their well-being, their bodies and not just their looks!

It is Interesting to see 20-year-olds with a 7-step morning/night skincare routine. There is excessive content available on “skin-care” ranging from cleansers, toners, serums, face masks to moisturizers, and we’re just scraping off the surface.

But this obsession with bottles lined up in our make-up drawers have always left us to wonder- where our mothers didn’t have access to any of these instagram-based suggestions, and were only depended on what we popularly referred to as “Nani Maa ke Nuskhe” implying home-made, natural remedies!

But over time, we adopted a glowing fascination with the west and its ‘bottled natural remedies’ which eventually were suggested by the FDA to be milder concoctions of chemical ingredients making them nothing but detergents! Shocking, isn’t it?

Allow me to take you 2 steps back in this skin-care industry. When I say the words clean and wash, what pops into your head immediately? A soap! As avid skincare fanatics, after researching and looking out for home-grown brands promoting natural products, we found out how only a handful of brands depend on manufacturing their products by sourcing natural ingredients. In this process, a specific ingredient that caught our eye was CAMEL’S MILK. Yes, I mean practically all of our moms, at some point in our lives did recommend using milk for almost every health/skin problem, but did you know that camel milk is actually known to be the closest to human milk and hence, helps in naturally balancing our skin and digestive system. Now that’s definitely a shocker, not bigger than imagining that camels can make milk too!?

Wait, we weren’t done blowing your mind away with shockers, because what we missed out on telling you is that not only does camel milk exist- a camel milk-based soap is got to be on the list of the most natural skin cleansers available to us! Let’s start with some of the more visible benefits that one can spot after adding this soap to their skin care routine:

1) Camel milk soaps are considered one of the creamiest soaps which can make your skin extremely smooth, soft and give a radiant look.
2) Camel milk has also shown progress with issues like skin brightening and lightening, improving collagen growth, hence, making the skin look more plump and fuller.
3) Because of its properties and composition- which we're just about to dive into- it is believed that by including fresh camel milk for one’s skin-care, they can have a fresher and younger-looking skin.

Now, if you are a nerd like us who first makes it a point to check labels on their skincare products, and know what components//vitamin/mineral performs exactly what function, then this next bit is really tailor-made for you! Let’s see what are the magic components that can make camel milk soaps a game changer for our skincare routine:

Vitamins for that glow!
Camel milk is rich in Vitamin C which is known for its exceptional anti-aging properties, Vitamin D- known for grappling acne issues, Vitamins A, C, & E - known for being amazing antioxidant sources. All these vitamins help the skin look more fresh, smooth and younger. Who are we kidding, that’s like the holy trinity for skin care, right?

Anti-Inflammatory in nature!
The alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) present in camel milk have anti-inflammatory properties and also support the process of exfoliation for our skin! This ability promotes collagen building and a much better blood flow, eventually leading to skin brightening, correcting discoloration and lightening those fine lines! It’s like turning your back on aging quickly and being able to put off using anti-aging creams for some more time!

Camel milk soap has an abundance of minerals in the form of calcium, zinc, and potassium which keep the production of lanolin and sebum in check. This ensures that the pH levels of your skin are balanced and do not become too dry or too oily.

So If you’re going to make a choice.. We say..

Make the relevant one. We’re all slowly becoming conscious and aware of the significance of keeping our modern lives in check, and consuming healthy, natural and mindful foods. If we’re so careful about what we put inside our bodies, then why not spend that extra minute to finish reading the labels of products we buy for our skin, read about components that are used, educate ourselves to make a wise choice as a well-read and conscious user of the 21st century! It’s 2021 and it’s because of users like you, that brands have become cautious of what they sell- so if you’re looking for the right addition to your skin-care routine without having to worry too much about the research, we got your back. Camel milk soap can be the next item you add to your cart, and stop the search for 5 different products!

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