5 ways that drinking RAW Goat Milk can Improve Your Health!

5 ways that drinking RAW Goat Milk can Improve Your Health!

When I say the word “Milk”, the first animal that comes to your mind is probably a cow. What if I tell you that you have been a stranger to a whole other type of milk? That’s right - Goat milk! Most people have heard of goat cheese which is considered a delicacy by many due to its distinct taste. However, a lesser-known fact is that raw goat milk is a drink that holds its own special place. Raw goat milk has a wide variety of health benefits making it a favorite among many of those who give it a chance. Individuals with shaky digestion, or allergies, or even health-conscious people, who know the story of raw goat milk, often make it their ultimate favorite!

Curious? Read on to discover more.

  1. A Blessing for Digestion: People across the globe have expressed how life-changing raw goat milk has been for them. One of the most frequently repeated reasons for such a strong fan-following is its impact on digestion. Raw goat milk has been praised for being extremely convenient for people who suffer from indigestion as it is shown to be much easier to digest than other dairy alternatives (like cow milk, for instance). There are many theories behind this benefit. Imagine that the fat molecules present in milk are like pebbles of different shapes stuck together. Since the size of the pebbles (fat molecules) present in goat milk are smaller than those in cow milk and it makes it much easier for the body to break them down, or in fancy words, assimilate.
  2. Rich source of protein: For all the readers out there who are on the lookout for an amazing source of protein, raw goat milk will feel like a gift to your body and mind. Raw goat milk contains roughly 9g of protein in one cup. One cup usually measures around 8 ounces, that is, almost 236 ml. That means, when compared to other popular milk sources such as cow milk, goat milk is likely to be a better source of protein.
  3. Promotes a Healthy Gut: When it comes to raw goat milk, few people know that it is a great source of probiotics. Probiotics, when consumed in moderation, are living microorganisms that prove to be very rewarding for consumers. In simple words, probiotics are none other than what is often referred to as the “Good Bacteria”. Goat Milk is like a carrier of such “Good Bacteria”. What this means is that goat milk provides many positive effects like antioxidant characteristics and is even helpful in improving the glucose levels in our blood. Often during the process of pasteurization, a lot of the probiotics end up being removed from milk. Therefore, raw goat milk which is consumed from a validated source ends up storing all such probiotics, thus helping consumers maintain a healthy gut.
  4. Great source of vitamins and minerals: One of the most distinctive features of raw goat milk is its high Vitamin A content. Moreover, raw goat milk contains a number of healthy minerals. Raw goat milk often has a larger calcium content than cow milk. It also has potassium, phosphorus, and even magnesium in its long list of minerals. Therefore, raw goat milk becomes a go-to drink for people who are looking to boost their immune systems.
  5. A wholesome package of nutrition: The sheer number of different beneficial attributes of raw goat milk makes it a trusted choice for consumers. Raw goat milk contains a lower content of lactose than many common dairy options. This makes it favorable even for people who have slight lactose intolerance. In fact, this love for goat milk is not only restricted to humans but is also shared by many pets! The lower content of lactose makes it much more tolerable for pets such as dogs! Not only is it easy on their stomach, but raw goat milk also helps pets improve their appetite and reduce certain allergies. The best part is that both human beings and their furry friends can enjoy the many benefits of raw goat milk together!

So, after reading the range of positives, are you ready to give raw goat milk a shot?



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