Is Goat Milk good for you

Is Goat Milk good for you?

If we were to imagine a world without milk- that’d be a rather difficult world to live in, especially for young babies. With a dire need of milk being a primary source of nutrition, Milk’s place in the hierarchy of the nutritional content comes out on top, along with the ability to enhance one’s metabolism, immunity and eventually help us heal gradually. We've all heard of Team Turmeric Milk, now, haven't we? But it’s all too good to be true, isn't it? Let me explain what I mean by that. Although Cow’s milk, which is the most preferred type of milk consumed by a majority, on grounds of it being healthy, and also a frequent support system in helping one heal through a health issue. But, here’s the thing: there are quite a few specialists who have spent time understanding how Cow Milk can interfere with body functions like absorption of important minerals like iron and copper in our blood! To further explain this, Cow Milk is also the exit sign for all those who are Lactose-intolerant or those adults with perpetual stomach problems. But here’s a silver lining, before you make up your mind and a no-milk diet plan; especially for those with just a mild case of lactose intolerance- you can easily switch to goat’s milk, replacing cow milk in your diet, because based on a nutritional-expertise, goat milk has less sugar, and doesn’t give one an acidic stomach, thereby making it easier on the gut to digest. This is also a great alternative for those who’ve spent a lot of time looking for answers to replace cow’s milk, because they don’t like the taste of it, so not only can goat’s milk satisfy some taste buds, but also claims to be twice as good! Let’s find out! Cow Milk allergies are quite common, due to the presence of multiple allergens which can cause allergies, which can stay hidden as common allergies and make it really hard for us to find out the cause. Why? Because it’s so uncommon to believe that something as staple as cow’s milk can be the cause of one’s dwindling health? To our rescue, goat milk reduces the chances of these allergies, adds a safeguard to heart health, is absolutely easy on the gut to consume, and of course, is creamier and thicker than cow or plant milk- so quite a friend of the taste buds! “But I find it hard to believe that goat’s milk is a better substitute for our modern lives and body functioning?” Sure, those doubts are valid, and because of our exposure to only plant or cow-based milk for a better part of our lives, it makes it difficult for us to believe in an alternative, but, why don’t we find out for ourselves:
  • High Digestible Protein
Let me get straight with you, goat milk contains more protein per serving than cow milk, soy milk, rice milk, nut milk, or everyone’s favorite these days, almond milk!! Yes!! and to take it a notch higher, goat milk protein goes easy on the stomach for digestion, making them readily available for utilization!
  • Less Sensitive to Milk-based Allergies
Those who may be allergic to cow milk: good news for us: goat milk does not cause any milk-based allergies! According to research, almost one out of every four newborns who were sensitive to cow milk were found to be not allergic to goat milk! Although, if you do have a dairy-based allergy- consult your doctor before consuming goat milk.
  • Regulates Cholesterol Levels
You read that right! Not only is goat milk easy to digest, but it has been discovered that it’s a great support in helping lower down cholesterol levels, especially in the arteries and the gallbladder. This gives people with cholesterol an opportunity to consume some dairy in regulated quantities, and not give up on it entirely! Now, no matter how much, goat milk may seem like a perfect beverage choice, because of its inherent abilities and benefits that naturally rank it as a better option than cow or plant based milk, there may still be some potential risks in consuming goat milk. I’ve shared them below: 
  • It is not completely lactose-free
If you’re lactose intolerant: replacing cow milk with Goat milk may not help at all, because it’s still milk, and it still has lactose content! In that case, sticking to plant-based milk may be our best bet- due to it being lactose-free!
  • Calorie Count
If you’re on your weight loss journey, then consuming goat milk in a regulated quantity is a better option. It may happen that excessive calorie consumption while drinking goat milk might lead to weight gain. Other forms of milk have fewer calories per serving than goat milk! In our search for a healthier, easy to digest, and more protein based replacement for our milk requirement- goat milk has stood out as an outlier for us! Although,the best feeling about being a 21st century consumer, is the fact that we don’t have to consume this in its raw form, i.e a boring old glass of milk, but we have a bunch of goat milk-based products available in the market- whether it is cheese, smoothies, sweets, or skincare items including but not limited to soaps! Let me assure you- it’s too good, and also true! Where can you find that kind of a combination? So, go ahead and dig into your favourite goat-milk based products!
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