Is Goat Milk the right choice

Is Goat Milk the right choice?

One of the most important shifts that we’ve all seen in the past few years is a collective consciousness towards healthy and mindful eating habits and food consumption patterns. From defining a good relationship with food, minding portion control to actually eating clean and healthy- all of this has become part of the dinner table talk. We’ve seen a lot of shifts- people opting for vegetarianism, and some consciously moving towards plant-based diets completely because of the innumerable benefits involved. One such move has been in our dairy consumption, especially with milk. It’s interesting how goat milk, even after not being a staple or traditional choice of people in so many countries, is still consumed by roughly 65 percent of the world's population! The main reason why people switch to plant based and other types of milk is usually to avoid the regular discomfort in digestion caused by cow’s milk and thus they actively shift to either oat milk, soya milk, or the ever-famous almond milk! Plant based milk may be gaining popularity, but they’re still behind in their nutritional charts. Thus, their nutritional value is dependent on external vitamins and calcium which is added to it later! But before you feel further confused about 'what kind of milk do I drink then?'. We're here to help you make the best and right choice for you. So, let’s read on- Goat milk is a popular choice of milk beverage due to its amazing health advantages and has a great impact on the human body. Although goats generate merely 2% of the world's milk, it is still less expensive to process since it does not require homogenization. According to different studies, goat milk is advisable to not be fed to young babies below the age of 1, because their bodies demand a different set of nutritional value at that stage in their growth cycle. However, as we become older and reach adulthood, the good effects of goat milk can be much higher on the adult body as compared to cow’s milk . People with lactose intolerance, for example, digest goat milk far better than cow milk because it contains higher quantities of essential fatty acids! But that’s not even close to the entire bucket of benefits that a bottle of goat milk can have for the adult human body, and honestly- we want to dig right in-
  • Strong Bones!
Calcium is present in abundance in almost all types of milk, and goat milk is no exception, but the difference is, it may provide you with a comparable or an even larger quantity of calcium than cow milk while not reflecting negatively on your bodies! This can help keep the calcium storage in your body rich and stable, which may help in increasing the bone density amongst adults..
  • Anti-Inflammatory properties, say whaaat?
If you’re one with a frequently upset stomach or know someone who is, a big reason might be your dairy consumption. This is why, one of the top reasons why people prefer goat milk is because it is possible to enjoy it without the inflammation and stomach distress that cow milk frequently causes. This happens because goat milk has a different enzyme composition and likely promotes the growth of selective bacteria - lactobacillus and bifidobacteria
  • Skincare Warrior!
If you’re down to knowing how much goat milk can also support your skin health alongside your body health, then you’re in for good news. Goat milk has a huge quantity of zinc. Therefore, Goat milk can prove to be an absolute charm for your skin since zinc is a key mineral for maintaining a healthy and good skin, wound healing, and can often be directly connected to innate and adaptive immunity.
  • Improved Nutrient Uptake!
One of the most significant yet lesser known facts about goat milk, is that it’s nutritional composition is far more similar to that of human milk than that of cow milk! So for all those times you may have heard of why goat milk can be easy on the gut, cause less stomach issues, here’s the explanation- our bodies can recognize goat milk as a more familiar form of food due to the similarities in composition with human milk and eventually, extract more nutrients from it as it passes through our system, causing less strain on our digestive systems.
  • Metabolism booster
We know that goat milk is higher in nutritional density than cow milk, so we don’t don't need as much of it to have the same (or greater) nutrient intake. Here’s a fact you will remember even after you’re done reading this article : A single cup of goat milk can supply about 40% of our daily calcium needs, 20% of our vitamin B needs, and a considerable quantity of potassium and phosphorus. Now how is this NOT an excellent component for boosting our metabolism? You bet it is!
  • Better Heart Health!
Apart from being a great immunity booster because of higher calcium presence, goat milk also nearly has twice as many good fatty acids as cow milk. We’re starting to wonder why goat milk hasn’t been in our diets till now! Coming back, it may also support people to keep their cholesterol balance in check! A few heart issues like atherosclerosis, a stroke, heart attack, among other coronary problems can often be avoided by keeping a check and regulating our necessary fatty acids in the body. And having mentioned it, goat milk may be one of the best sources to regulate the fatty acids content in our body!
  • Better growth & development of the body!
Okay, let’s get this straight- while cow milk may contain tiny quantities of selenium, goat milk contains substantial amounts of it. This uncommon, less heard of mineral is, to our common knowledge, highly necessary for the immune system to operate properly, and also protects us from bouts of sickness and other infections. So not only may goat milk take care of us falling sick, but can also support our metabolic systems and stimulate development and general health by delivering a continuous supply of protein.
  • Speedy Recovery Agent!
We were just discussing this above, right? Here’s some more of the good news- goat milk is found to have as much as 27% more selenium than any other form of milk. Selenium is considered to be a significant element that helps our body in maintaining our immune system. Therefore, goat’s milk can help in strengthening the immune system and thus, by virtue of that, it may lead to a faster recovery for patients with diseases such as Dengue! So what’s the verdict, Goat Milk or Goat Milk? Regardless of the fact that goat's milk isn't usually the “popular choice”, it still provides a wealth of nutrients and in certain circumstances, can also have a better nutritional value than cow's milk. So, as we’re moving towards a healthier and more conscious user consumption pattern, would it be wise to only consume the “popular” foods or the ones that are relevant and more meaningful for our unique selves? It's no longer a hush hush that goat milk can aid in the absorption of certain nutrients, whereas cow's milk does not! We’re just saying- if you’re getting tired of your boring meal plans and diets, then goat milk is one tasty and nutritious choice to add to your regular diet!-------
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