is goat milk good for your pet?

Is Raw Goat Milk good for your Pet?

If you’re a pet owner, I’m sure you’ve spent a better part of your day on google trying to search for “can my dog eat *insert human food name* or not?” With increasing awareness about how packaged food should not be made a regular part of your pet’s diet, it’s bound to become tougher for pet owners all over to decide WHAT TO FEED MY PET WITH? So today, we’re going to make your pet’s life a wee bit easier, and of course, yummier! (read : your life is about to get 10x easier) Lately, Goat milk has been getting a lot of attention as a great alternative for people with perpetual gut issues, but it doesn't end there. A lot of pet owners have been discussing goat milk, which is known to be one of the best sources of probiotics, alongside being one of the top sources of improving an animal’s gut health. So, if you’re a pet owner- you already understand the value of this, because with pets? Sensitive stomach is a real thing and we know too much about it! Let’s talk about one of the most common challenges with a pet : dealing with their stomach sensitivity with any kind of dairy products, especially milk! This is because our pets do not have the enzyme “lactase” in their bodies which primarily helps in digesting the lactose present in the milk. Well, the pain doesn’t end here for our furry friends - this whole process leads to accumulation of sugars in their body which causes further infection in their GI tracts, making them susceptible to more discomfort. If you’re about to scroll down hoping to reach the happy part of the article, here it is- raw goat milk is what you’re looking for your pet, as a high-nutritional replacement for them, which contains lactose, unlike pasteurized milk and makes it easy on our pets to digest it. Raw Goat Milk is not just a solution to your pet’s upset stomach, but it’s a one stop for so many other reasons for both humans and their pets! Now that’s a clincher right? Allow us to quickly highlight some of the top reasons why goat milk is a fabulous alternative for your beloved pet, that’s because it has enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, essential and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in their absolutely raw and original form! And if you think that’s where this list of benefits ends, you’re mistaken, we’ve got a bunch of other reasons why this switch could also make your pet’s eating habits, health and nutrition much better! But before that, a question: are you also one of those who struggle to get their pets to eat healthy but the moment you open a pack of chips, and crunch on it… well, that’s the end of it. Your pet wants all your human food but none of its own? Then let us help you : if your pets are too picky about what food they eat, then they’re bound to gulp down their portion of goat milk even before you’re done pouring it. It’s yummy, yes! But the nutritional elements of goat milk can go a long way in helping your pet from a possible case of malnutrition, certain allergies, quicker recoveries post surgeries, kidney stones, case of diabetes, diarrhea or any other gastrointestinal issues or Arthritis.  So, here’s the TOP 3 areas where Goat Milk is going to be your pet’s favourite meal!
  • Natural remedy for your furry friend’s funny stomach!
Yep, you read that right. The most common consequences of indigestion with your pet could range from an inability to absorb nutrients, to frequent flatulence, or loose stool! Since you’re a pet owner, we understand how a frequent upset stomach can make your pet really weak. But if we were to introduce goat milk to their balanced diet, we can see a bunch of problems going away. Since it’s high in probiotics and enzymes, it can help your sensitive dog or cat overcome the signs of their digestive systems that aren’t functioning efficiently. Goat milk in its raw form also has the ability to help cleanse your pet’s digestive system of harmful germs, bad bacteria by repopulating it with the good bacteria. So if your pet has ever consumed an antibiotic, or has a delicate gut, you know what to introduce!
  • Helps with mucus and inflammation
In our search for understanding WHY goat milk, we found that it possesses both anti-mucous and anti-inflammatory properties, thus, making it an excellent supplement for dogs and cats with allergies of any kind.
  • Immunity Booster like never before!
We want you to make the best choice for your pet’s food, so we’re going to tell you, the most incredible thing about introducing goat milk to your pet’s diet : Goat milk has substantially more calcium, vitamin B-6, Vitamin A, potassium, niacin, and selenium ( an antioxidant) and is also far simpler to digest as compared to cow’s milk! Shocking, right? Who would have thought that? Raw goat milk is also a rich source of calories when fed in regulated quantities and balanced with other foods, and helps tackle obesity amongst pets, because they tend to feel fuller than usual. The list of benefits is long so let me put it shortly : the general health of your cat or dog is substantially boosted when raw goat milk is introduced in their diet, because of the n number of vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids which go a long way in avoiding Kidney problems, malignancies, liver illnesses, diabetes, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, heart diseases, ulcers, and a variety of brain and neurological system diseases. “Okay okay.. I’d like to order two.. For my pet and myself! Yep.. that’s been our dream as a pet owner, to be able to “share a meal” with our pets. Given that goat milk is such a widely popular choice of beverage between both humans and pets, because of its highly nutritious elements, will you believe us if we tell you that goat milk is actually the MOST consumed type of milk in the world? And yes, we’ve included cow milk! It’s not only us, or our pets who believe it, but now there’s a whole new possibility that you will too. So, become part of the conscious pet owners’ tribe, and get your pet hooked to a bowl of healthy, yummy and nutritious goat milk!
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