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At Aadvik Foods, we value customer's choice. That's why we proudly offer both raw and pasteurized camel milk, respecting individual preferences. We believe in the extraordinary benefits of camel milk, which we consider as "white gold." Whether you appreciate the raw, untouched essence or prefer the safety and extended shelf life of pasteurization, we've got you covered.

Camel Milk, The White Gold of Desert.

Enjoy the greatness of camel milk in the way that suits you best. At Aadvik Foods, it's all about honoring your freedom to choose and experiencing the exceptional benefits of camel milk, our very own white gold.

Why is camel milk so expensive?

Camel milk holds immense value, it is considered as the white gold of the desert. Although camels produce it in limited quantities. Each drop is precious as camels only lactate when they have a baby, and this lactation period lasts from 10 months to over a year. Breeding camels is a complex process with long pregnancies. As India continues to explore camel breeding, we appreciate the milk we obtain. Milking camels typically yield around 5-6 liters per day. Caring for and milking these remarkable creatures requires dedicated farmers, ample feed and pasture, veterinary care, and the loving touch of human hands. Considering the intensive labor and expenses involved, the price of camel milk remains surprisingly reasonable. As many of our customers are parents, we strive to offer a cost that we consider fair and accessible.

Furthermore, camel milk is predominantly found in remote desert areas, leading to higher logistics costs in maintaining a consistent cold chain. Transportation and storage require special attention to ensure the freshness and quality of the milk, contributing to the overall product cost. Despite these challenges, at Aadvik Foods, we are dedicated to offering you the finest quality camel milk, which truly deserves its value as white gold.

Can my kids drink camel milk?

Absolutely! Our camel milk is perfectly suitable for children. However, it's important to note that our product is not intended to cure or diagnose any illness. If you plan to use camel milk as a natural remedy, we recommend consulting your local physician and alternative health care practitioner before introducing it to your children's diet. To check the recommended dosage, you can refer this video -

Why don't you use glass bottles?

We don’t add any preservatives or additives in our camel milk and hence to maintain the shelf life, we sell camel milk in frozen form. Frozen form can be done only in PET bottles that we use, it will not be possible to supply frozen camel milk in glass bottles.

Is camel milk kosher?

According to Jewish law, camel milk is not considered kosher. The kosher requirement stipulates that an animal must have a cloven foot and chew its cud, qualities that camels do not possess. Both criteria must be met for an animal to be considered kosher. However, in exceptional cases involving health issues, certain Rabbis may make exceptions to this rule. For more detailed information, we recommend reaching out to your local Rabbi.

Is camel milk halal?

Absolutely! Camel milk is considered halal, adhering to the dietary guidelines of Islamic principles and traditions. It is permissible and suitable for consumption by individuals following halal dietary practices.

Do you ship nationally?

Yes, we are delighted to offer nationwide shipping services. For detailed information regarding shipping rates, kindly refer to our shipping policy.

Are your bottles recyclable?

We are committed to environmental sustainability, and our bottles are 100% recyclable. Furthermore, we are actively researching and striving to adopt fully recycled materials for our future packaging. Our goal is to promote recycling, reuse, and repurposing practices to minimize our environmental impact.

Can I cook or bake with camel milk?

Absolutely! Our camel milk is a fantastic addition to your culinary adventures. The best part is that you can use the exact same amount of camel milk in your cooking and baking recipes as you would with cow's milk. Let your creativity soar!

Can I use camel milk with coffee?

Of course! Our camel milk blends beautifully with coffee. You'll be delighted to know that it won't curdle in your cup. In fact, it has become the milk of choice at some of Dubai's top coffee shops. Feel free to steam it too, for a luxurious coffee experience.

How long does your product stay fresh?

We provide camel milk in frozen form, if kept in frozen condition, the shelf life is 45 days. Once it is delivered to you, it is recommended to keep it in the deep freezer section of your refrigerator. After thawing, it is best to consume the milk within 3 to 5 days. If you notice some separation after thawing, a simple shake will restore its creamy goodness. Enjoy every sip!

Is camel milk vegan?

No, Aadvik Foods camel milk is derived from our beloved camels. However, we want to assure animal lovers that our camels are treated with utmost care and affection on each camel farm. The well-being and happiness of our camels are of paramount importance to us.

How much camel milk can I consume in a day?

You can delight in as much camel milk as your taste buds desire! There are no strict limitations on the amount of camel milk you can enjoy. Feel free to savor its goodness to your heart's content. One recommendation is that you start with low quantities and gradually increase the quantity over a few days. For more information, please check out this video -

Whether you prefer a refreshing glass or incorporate it into various recipes, camel milk offers a delightful and nourishing experience. Embrace the richness of camel milk and indulge in its natural goodness. Your well-being and satisfaction are our top priorities. Cheers to your enjoyment of Aadvik Foods' camel milk!

When is the best time to drink camel milk?

The beauty of camel milk is that you can enjoy it whenever you please! Whether it's morning, afternoon, or evening, camel milk can be a delightful addition to your daily routine. Here are some of the ways our customers have shared their love for camel milk :

  • Start your day with a refreshing boost of energy by sipping on camel milk alongside your morning tea or coffee.

  • Throughout the day, indulge in the creamy goodness of camel milk for sustained energy and a nourishing experience.

  • Whether you choose to pair it with a meal or savor it on its own, camel milk can help you maintain a healthy appetite.

  • If you're looking to enhance your stamina, consider having a glass of camel milk approximately one hour before your workout.

  • After a strenuous workout, replenish your body with camel milk to aid in recovery and rejuvenation.

  • As the evening approaches, treat yourself to the delightful taste of camel milk as a satisfying and guilt-free alternative to traditional desserts.

Embrace the versatility of camel milk and relish its benefits at any time that suits your preferences. Aadvik Foods' camel milk is here to accompany you throughout your day, providing you with a nourishing and enjoyable experience whenever you choose to indulge. Enjoy the goodness of camel milk and savor each moment!

Where can I buy camel milk?

We've made it incredibly convenient for you to purchase our exceptional camel milk. Simply visit our website at and explore our range of camel milk products. With just a few simple steps, you can have the finest quality camel milk delivered right to your doorstep. We prioritize your satisfaction and strive to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

At Aadvik Foods, we believe everyone should have access to this White Gold, the goodness of camel milk, and we're delighted to bring this exquisite treasure to you. Place your order today and indulge in the nourishing benefits of camel milk with Aadvik Foods!

Is camel milk natural?

Absolutely! At Aadvik Foods, we pride ourselves on offering 100% natural camel milk. Our camel milk is sourced from healthy camels raised in natural and sustainable environments. We follow strict quality standards to ensure that our milk remains pure and untouched by any artificial additives or preservatives. From the moment the milk is collected to the final packaging, we prioritize maintaining the natural integrity of camel milk.

So rest assured, when you choose Aadvik Foods, you're selecting a natural and wholesome source of camel milk for you and your family to enjoy. Experience the true essence of nature with Aadvik Foods' natural camel milk!

What is the population of camels in India?

According to the livestock census of camels the population has decrease to 2.52 lakh in 2019 showing a decline of 37 per cent