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Sustaining life with one camel at a time

Sustaining life with one camel at a time: Camel has been an important part of desert culture and sustainability since ancient times. It is not only a source of income, travel and food but also an integral part of the breeder’s community. The community have known to use Camel milk for both basic needs and medicinal purposes, a gift from their ancestors. But Rajasthan’s heritage camel culture started disappearing superfast. Breeders not only used Camels for transportation but also treated them as family members. Development of good transport facilities led to decline of the Camel population in India. Understanding this issue and the benefits of Camel milk, we took an initiative of helping both the breeders and users by introducing our brand- Aadvik. Our aim was to provide an opportunity for these breeders to sustain their lives without losing their cultural significance. Our vision was very clear- Help these breeders in sustaining their lives, help in increasing the Camel population and providing our customers with the best quality Camel milk.

In 2015, we brought our first breeder on board and by the end of 2019, we were working with more than 100 Camel breeders. All the breeders are properly trained to help us bring the best quality products for our customers. These breeders now have financial security without compromising on their ancestral legacy. And nothing brings us more joy and happiness than seeing this become a better reality, with every passing day! We take pride in being India’s first brand to be marketing and sourcing this superfood that is full of rich nutrients and helpful components needed for the body and skin. Staying true to our name Aadvik meaning unique, we developed a distinctive range of unique Camel milk products. We aim at bringing as many breeders as possible in coming times and support lives with one Camel at a time!

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