10 Surprising Benefits of Camel Milk:

Camel is an animal that has multiple purposes and has higher production capability. Today, with global warming and an increase in the temperature, with a scarcity of food and water, camels have the ability to face such problems. Despite these issues, camels can be said to be an extraordinary source of milk. For centuries, camel milk has been sustaining the tribal communities of Rajasthan & Gujarat, called the Raikas and Rabaris, and has been acting as a significant medicinal drink for them. The members of these communities have said that even during drought, they survive solely on camel milk, which helps in keeping them fit and healthy! There are other diseases, to which there is no known alternative, where camel milk comes to the rescue. There are various benefits of camel milk and they are not so well known, so, today, we bring to you a few of its benefits! There is a lack of awareness about the benefits of camel milk, which needs to be created, for the welfare of camels and their herders. What are the potential health benefits of camel milk? Well, that is something which the nomads will be able to tell you in a proper way, as it is a nutritious drink that has been consumed by them and other desert communities of the world for centuries. It is an emerging superfood, which may actually have more nutritional value than other types of milk available in the market. It is even likely to be known as a more superior form of milk with some surprising health benefits. Camel milk has been seen to have the probable benefits to help with autism and allergies, along with keeping the heart healthy, maintaining blood sugar levels, mitigating autoimmune diseases, etc. Did you know? It has also been used as an alternative to breast milk in various places, due to its protein profile, as it is said to be the closest to mammal milk. 

Unlike other forms of milk, camel milk has lower levels of sugar and cholesterol, and it has a higher amount of vitamins and minerals such as:
  • Potassium,
  • Magnesium,
  • Zinc,
  • Iron,
  • Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and
  • Calcium.

Not just this, camel milk is rich in antioxidants that can help in protecting your cells from damage, which can lead to serious diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, etc. It’s amazing, right? Camels are unique creatures, and so is their milk. To know more about the benefits of camel milk, keep on reading below, and maybe, you’ll want to buy it for yourself too!

It has an Improved Protein Structure:

To stay healthy, one needs proteins, as it is helpful in making the skin, hair, blood, connective tissue, and more, healthy. If one consumes camel milk, there is very little or no use in consuming meat or other supplements, as it can be helpful in increasing the protein intake. Additionally, camel milk does not contain the same proteins as cow milk, as many people are allergic to the proteins present in cow’s milk. This makes camel milk a perfect supplement for lactose intolerants, as it does not contain A1 beta-casein. It has A2 beta-caseins and immunoglobulins, which help in maintaining the immune system of the body. It contains protective proteins in higher quantities, which helps in improving its functionality.

Camel Milk against gastrointestinal disorder:

A higher concentration of anti-inflammatory proteins can have a positive impact on the stomach and intestines. It has a higher concentration of mono and poly-unsaturated fatty acids and it also has a vitamin-rich composition, which helps in improving metabolism. It contains specific enzymes that help in digesting milk proteins faster. Experts have said that camel milk can also help in improving the symptoms of diarrhoea. They conducted research and found that children with digestive problems, when consumed camel milk, showed signs of improved and normal bowel movements. Camel Milk is said to be a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals. Along with this, it is also an excellent source of healthy fats, which makes it less associated with the risks as compared to cow milk. Cow milk contains A1 beta-casein, which is oftentimes different for people to digest, where camel milk contains A2 beta-casein, which does not cause the same gastrointestinal issues as cow milk does. The beta-casein in camel milk is more digestible and less allergenic for humans. The presence of alpha-lactalbumin makes it all the more digestible and its antioxidant properties make it better than cow’s milk. Not just this, it also contains Lysozyme, another antimicrobial agent, which is helpful in facilitating digestion and improving gut health!

Camel Milk is beneficial for People with Allergies:

Never did we humans think that there would be something that would be perfect for lactose intolerants! Surprisingly, there has always been one among us and we didn’t hear about it much! Today, we’ll tell you about it. Experts state that camel milk has been used to help individuals with food allergies. It is a known fact that some food products such as milk, and other dairy products can cause allergies. They conducted research on camel milk’s effectiveness as a non-allergenic drink and found that it helps reduce the symptoms of allergies and helps in improving the health of the individual and even improved the digestive abilities. Researches state that children or individuals with cow milk allergies can safely consume camel milk as an alternative to cow milk. In simpler words, the protein called beta-lactoglobulin is present in cows and other forms of milk, which is responsible for allergies in humans. However, this is not the case with camel milk, as it lacks this protein, which makes it perfect for people who are sensitive towards dairy. Not just this, but camel milk is way more beneficial for people with allergies. How so?? The beta-casein present in cow milk causes hypersensitivity reactions in humans. Now, camel milk also contains beta-casein, which does not mean that it will affect humans in the same way, as the structure of camel milk is different from that of cow milk proteins. Added to this, experts have also said that children with severe allergies have significantly improved with the consumption of camel milk! Can you believe that? Ooh, that’s much on allergies! Moving on, we come to the immune system!

Camel milk is beneficial for the immune system:

The property of camel milk and its immune-boosting ability has been tested by various researchers. They have stated that camel milk contains a serum, which is known as ‘immunoglobulins’ and it is different from that of all other known forms of antibodies. The proteins present in camel milk have unique patterns and are completely different from that of cow and human milk. Additionally, the structure of the immunoglobulins present in camel milk is similar to that of human milk but ate 1/10th of the size. This enables for the easy targeting of foreign substances such as viruses, etc. to be destroyed by the immunoglobulins found in camel milk, which the human immunoglobulins cannot. Camel milk contains Lysozyme, an enzyme that is a significant part of the immune system, which aims at the gram-positive bacteria. It also contains Lactoperoxidase, which, with its bactericidal activity on the gram-negative bacteria, keeps the immune system safe.

Camel Milk helps Autistic Individuals:

First and foremost, what is Autism? It refers to a wide variety of conditions, which are characterized by issues related to social skills, repetitive behaviour, etc. It has been found by experts that autism is caused by opioid peptides. We’ll clarify this out for you. Opioid peptides are released during the digestion of dietary proteins such as caseins, which is said to contribute to autism development that leads to the availability of opioid excess hypothesis of autism. That’s way too many difficult words, isn’t it? Okay, so, in simpler words, the milk-derived opioid peptides may enter the intestinal barrier and induce biological effects through the opioid receptors of the immune and nervous system. The presence of these peptides also causes inflammation and food allergies among autistic children. They have further stated that an excess of these endogenous opioid peptides from food, especially cow’s milk can be negatively harmful to autistic individuals. In general, autism is said to be an autoimmune disease, which reaches the intestines, but not the brain. The reactions on the intestines affect the appetite of the autistic individual. There are various other studies, which have shown that oxidative stress also plays a significant role in autism. Experts state that camel milk has various therapeutic effects on autism. With lower fat, cholesterol, and lactose than cow’s milk, and being rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, and potassium, it helps in keeping the body healthy. Camel milk further contains antioxidants and Vitamins C, A, and E, which are rich in antioxidant minerals such as magnesium and zinc. These vitamins help in reducing oxidative stress, where magnesium helps in the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Zinc is considered essential for the activity of different enzymes in living organisms, and it helps in preventing cellular damage through the activation of its antioxidant properties.

It is beneficial for diabetics:

There have been various studies, which have stated that camel milk is helpful in reducing blood sugar levels and the intake of insulin by 30% among type-1 diabetics. According to the research conducted by experts, it can be said that camel milk can help in the improvement of blood glucose, serum insulin, and lipid profile among diabetics. The positive role of camel milk for diabetes may be related to the higher amount of insulin and insulin-like proteins, which can increase the activity of insulin receptors in the body. Since there must be a balance between the insulin and glucose levels in the body to prevent diabetes, camel milk can surely be made a part of your regular diet to reduce the usage of insulin injections.

It helps in keeping the heart healthy:

Camel Milk is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid, which make it similar to olive oil. Further, it is rich in A2 beta-casein, rather than A1 casein, which is mostly found in other forms of dairy! We’re not saying this just for the sake of saying it! We believe in it. There have been researches, which state that people who consume milk that is rich in A2 beta-casein have lower incidences of cardiovascular issues. Along with this, as camel milk has insulin-like proteins, it also makes blood absorption better for the heart and body. Not only this, being rich in healthy fats like long-chain fatty acids, linoleic acid, unsaturated acids, etc. along with its antioxidant properties help in keeping the heart-healthy!

It can easily be added to your diet:

You don’t have to worry about the hassle of cooking something healthy to maintain your health, all you have to do is just replace your regular milk with camel milk! That’s all there is! Not just plain, you can also use it to make coffee, tea, smoothies, cakes, soups, your favorite mac and cheese, pancakes, oh, the list is endless! Believe us, we’ve tried much of these and we’ve still got much to try! Now, for the taste. The taste of camel milk that you procure may depend on where you are getting it from! If you are getting it from the Middle East, it will be nuttier, with a smoky flavor; if you get it from India, it will be a bit sour and salty. This is because the taste of the milk completely depends on what the camels are grazing upon! There are other products that are made with camel milk like cheese, butter, etc. however, they are not easily available, as they are not easy to make and involve a lot of processes, the major challenge being the composition of camel milk.

It is helpful in increasing height:

Camel Milk helps in height growth too; however, it is completely dependent on various factors like your genetics, age, etc. Consuming camel milk may help in the overall growth and development of the body as it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. As it is also rich in Calcium, as experts say that it has 10 times more calcium than cow’s milk is one of the reasons why it may help in increasing height. According to experts, consuming 120ml of camel milk in a day helps the body gain 5% of calcium required by the human body and 29% of the daily thiamine value. Not just this, to see the best results in height growth, Ayurveda says that you can add Ashwagandha and Shatavari Powder to it. One glass of this healthy mixture and you’ll see the difference for yourself! We know you want to get your hands on camel milk and you can do so by clicking here!

It helps in keeping the skin healthy:

What? Did we say skin? Yes! We sure did! Camel Milk is beneficial for your skin too! With its richness in various vitamins and minerals, it provides potent benefits for your skin! It has a unique structure that can penetrate the lower layers of your skin and provide everything that is needed for healthy-looking, younger and brighter skin. It is said to contain a higher amount of alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHAs) that help in exfoliating dead skin, leading to cell turnover and renewal. It even contains lactic acids, which experts state is most friendly for sensitive skin and helps in retaining the moisture in the skin, leaving it soft, plump, and glowy. Camel Milk is available in the form of soaps, creams, etc. which will help you in maintaining healthy, moisturized, and brighter skin. Thus, it can be said that camel milk has various benefits, and it has even been stated by experts that camel milk can be consumed by everyone, from youngsters to old-aged people. It is worth acquiring, as it is a more natural and healthier way of living life.Why Choose Aadvik? That’s an interesting question. To answer it for you, we’re Aadvik Foods. We make health available to all! We work with this thought in mind, “Adding Wealth to your Health”. We won’t tell you that we’re the best at what we do, but you came down reading up until here, so we’ve got your attention, haven’t we? We’re India’s first brand to brand, market, and sell Camel Milk in India and abroad, and we’re here today because of our customers. It is their love that has helped us grow so much and reach every doorstep. We’ve got a varied range of camel milk products. From your plain old camel milk powder to flavored camel milk powder, we’ve got it all!
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