Why should you prefer Aadvik Camel Milk Chocolates?

Why should you prefer Aadvik Camel Milk Chocolates?

You know how it is every chocolate lover’s dream to eat a delicious nutty Nutella cake, sitting on their porch swing, with a cup of coffee by their side? Or just having a bar of the finest chocolate all to themselves? Then Aadvik’s Camel Milk Chocolate is for sure going to be heaven for you!

With every bite, you’ll feel the taste of real Cocoa beans, with the added goodness of real Camel Milk! Wait? Did we say Camel Milk?

Yes! Camel Milk! We have recently launched Camel Milk Chocolates, which when put in simple words, is a burst of flavour and taste that you will experience. This will for sure be an out of the world experience for you!

Made with unique and premium ingredients, Aadvik Camel Milk Chocolates will surely tickle your curiosity bone, as you sit on your porch swing and try to guess what you are eating!

Why do we speak so highly of our Camel Milk Chocolates? Well, we’ll tell you!

Okay, so think back to the last chocolate experience. How did the chocolate taste? What kind of taste did it leave behind? How could you make out whether it was good or bad?

So, your previous chocolate experience didn’t stand up to the mark, did it? Well, we’ve got something that for sure will! Eat Aadvik’s Camel Milk Chocolate once, you’ll know what we are talking about!

Oh, our mouth is watering just by thinking about it!

You’ll probably know by tasting our chocolate whether it is good or bad! However, we know how difficult it is to pinpoint the exact reasons behind the quality of any chocolate. You won’t have to do that with us! All you have to do is take one bite of it!

Did you know? We tried at least 15 different types of Camel Milk Chocolate to find our Soulmate, which would then become your Soulmate! So, in the search to get the best of chocolates, we reached the cocoa farms in Idukki, Kerala! We know how much a good cocoa bean matters for a good bar of chocolate, and so, we did just that!

We’ve travelled not just to Kerala, but we’ve also gone to the organic farms of Uttar Pradesh to get Khandsari Sugar and Camel Milk from the desert regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat! We’ve used only natural and premium ingredients to make our chocolate perfect for you!

Is it okay to eat Aadvik Camel Milk Chocolates every day? Well, who says no to chocolates, especially when it is made with premium ingredients and is a healthier option! We would for sure eat it every day, and to be honest, we do eat it every day!

Well, when it comes to chocolate, everyone has this notion that it is not good for health. Well, we say otherwise!

Aadvik’s Camel Milk Chocolate is made up of 4 major ingredients namely Camel Milk, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Beans and Unrefined Organic Raw Sugar. Added to this is Natural Vanillin Powder! We don’t have the fifth element present, i.e. emulsifiers, which most companies use to keep their chocolate intact. We’ve avoided the use because we saw that chocolate is more enjoyable without emulsifiers added to it and it does not even affect your health!

See, we do care about you!

Well, it’s not just Camel Milk that we want to focus upon! Did you know? Cacao has been consumed for thousands of years as it is a rich source of antioxidants, good fats, vitamins and minerals! It may be helpful in reducing blood pressure, keeping the heart healthy, boosting cognitive functions, etc.

Cacao is said to be rich in Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Zinc, etc. a similar trait that can be found in Camel Milk too!

Not just this! We’re obsessed with bean-to-bar chocolate, and we’ve brought that to you! Our chocolates, as bean-to-bar suggests, is not only made from scratch, starting with whole cocoa beans, but it also means that it is made while focusing on the quality, flavour and most importantly, ethics.

What do we mean by ethics?

We’ve all heard that the mainstream chocolate industry is based on the colonial structures that date back to the days of slavery. Aadvik is here to break those chains and change this model completely! We want to bring that model where the farmers are paid fairly and are respected for their work, as well as honour the ingredients that are used to make chocolates, i.e. Cocoa beans and Sugar.

Aadvik helps the Camel Farmers and the Cocoa Farmers with a sustainable lifestyle. We procure Camel Milk from the Camel Herders of Rajasthan and Gujarat, who follow all the precautions and proper training is given to them to help them conscientiously raise their camels, feed them with a proper rich and natural diet to improve their lactating efficiency as well as their population. We work closely with our Camel Herders and ensure that quality products are delivered and each product is safe and hygienic!

When it comes to the cocoa that we are sourcing from Idukki, Kerala, the farmers use organic growing methods and practices. Most of the cocoa farms are actually super biodiverse! Cocoa farming has always been seen as something which slaves would do, but we are here to bring that thinking to an end and work together with them, and provide them with the proper pay and respect that they deserve!

We’re working hard for them and for you, and so for the love of chocolate, we bring to you real chocolates, made with Camel Milk, and the finest of cocoa!

Try Aadvik Camel Milk Chocolates today!!

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