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Camel Crazy : A Quest for Miracles in the Mysterious World of Camels

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  • An award-winning book on camel milk authored by Christina Adams

  • An inspirational and fascinating literary journey of changing the world.

  • It offers science and new research on the history, benefits and uses of camel milk for health conditions like autism, diabetes, skin problems, gut conditions and more.

  • It contains a Users’ Guide on how to use camel milk, with practical information on serving amounts, preparation and answers to common questions.

  • It tells why camel milk is generally a safer option than cow’s milk.


Camel Crazy is an award-winning book on the benefits of camel milk. The book tells the story of a mother who traveled across the globe to help her son who was suffering from autism. She found camel milk and her son got better very quickly. She visited herder villages in India to help families with autistic children and connect the camel herders with sick people who needed their milk. This book tells the readers how and why camel milk is used for healing in many cultures, and now in America and beyond because of this mother’s work. This book also describes the other benefits of camel milk like building the immune system, helping in diabetes, assisting with rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Not just that, Camel Crazy also gives interesting information  and stories about camels and their behavior. Filled with colorful pictures & fascinating facts about camels, this book is an engaging read for the whole family.

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