Camel milk Benefits

Benefits of Camel Milk


Presence of higher nutritional value than cow’s milk makes Camel milk one of the healthiest things to add in your diet. Apart from a good amount of nutrients, Camel milk is also said to benefit people in a few diseases. Some of such benefits are mentioned below-


  • Camel milk is rich in Zinc & important proteins that helps in building the immune system of our body. It helps in the growth and development of the body and brain.

  • Camel milk is high in insulin which makes it perfect for consumption by diabetics. It may reduce the insulin requirement in type-1 diabetic patients and help in blood sugar control.

  • Camel milk helps in fighting Autism which is a neuro-development disorder. It contains a higher amount of antioxidants that makes it therapeutic for those suffering from Autism and autoimmune diseases. It helps in gut healing, improving behavior, and reducing hyperactivity.

  • Camel milk contains proteins that are antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal in nature. It stops the growth of coli,Clostridium, H.pylori, S. aureus, and K. pneumoniae, organisms that can cause severe infections.

  • Camel milk also helps in improving the health of the heart. Presence of a set of fatty acids helps in balancing the cholesterol in our body. It further helps in easy regulation of  blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attacks & strokes.

  • Camel milk is acidic in nature that helps in easy absorption of nutrients in our intestine & hence helps in treating intestinal disorders.

Not just health, Researchers have found its miraculous effects on skin as well. Few of Camel milk’s benefits on the skin are mentioned below-

  • Camel milk contains high levels of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that helps in removing dead skin making the face glow.

  • Camel milk contains lanolin that helps in moisturizing & block pores.
  • Camel milk contains Vitamins that have anti ageing properties & fights acne.

Camel milk is not only advised to kids but also advisable to adults and older ones. It is definitely the best thing to add to your routine to make your life healthier.

Camel milk might sound usual to a lot of people but it has been sustaining pastoral and nomads since ages. Researchers  and scientists have found various benefits of camel milk and its magical effects on health & skin. Camel milk is said to be rich in many nutrients & benefits  in fighting diseases like autism, Type 1 diabetes, food allergies, hepatitis B and other autoimmune diseases. Camel milk is best suited for Lactose intolerants as it lacks beta- lactoglobulin- the main cause of milk allergy.

Being rich in protective nutrients, it helps in keeping diseases at bay by providing required immunity. For the same reason, Camel milk is given to malnourished children in a lot of cultures. It also helps in improving the health of  the kidneys. It is helpful in fighting allergies & infections. Camel milk also helps in improving our immune system and development of body & mind.

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