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Plain Camel Milk Powder । Single-Serving Sachet । Freeze-dried

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    • 100% Pure & Natural 

    • Made with a freeze-dried process, which ensures that all the nutrients and minerals are retained. 

    • Pack of 2 or 5 (20gm each) 

    • Lab-tested and manufactured in ISO-certified plants. 

    • Has a shelf life of 12 months; must be consumed within 30 days once opened. 


Is it difficult for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your daily routine? Well, that won’t be a problem anymore with Aadvik Camel Milk Powder sachets! You heard it right! Sachet! We’ve measured it all out for you and put it in small packets! All you have to do is empty the sachet in 200ml of warm water and mix thoroughly! Carry it wherever you like! Even while traveling, maintaining health has never been easier! 

What are the benefits of Camel Milk, you ask? 

Here they are: 

    • It helps in improving gut health. 

    • It does not contain beta-lactoglobulins, which makes it beneficial for lactose intolerants. 

    • It has antibacterial and antiviral properties. 

    • It helps in improving autistic symptoms.

    • Being rich in antioxidants, it protects the cells from damage. 

    • It is a powerhouse of minerals and nutrients. 

How to make it? 

Well, that’s quite easy, really! 

    • Empty the content of 1 sachet in a glass. 

    • Add 200ml of warm water. 

    • Mix it thoroughly with the help of a spoon/ blender. 

    • Your milk is ready to be consumed! 

Try our Camel Milk Powder to see the difference for yourself, now made easier for consumption in the form of sachets!