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Cow Colostrum Powder now with Vitamin D3 (600 IU per serving) | 100g

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  • Delivers 600 IU of Vitamin D3 per serving: This meets the recommended daily intake for most adults, making it a convenient way to bridge the gap in your Vitamin D3 levels.
  • 100% Pure & Natural: No preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients – just pure cow colostrum goodness.
  • Freeze-Dried for Superior Quality: Ensures all vital nutrients from fresh cow colostrum are retained in the powder form.
  • Lab-Tested and Certified : Manufactured in FDA, BRC, ISO, HACCP & FSSAI-Certified Plants. 
  • Support Sustainable Farming: Your purchase supports the welfare of our cow farmers.
  • Colostrum is known by many names like Junnu, Ginnu, Kharvas in different parts of the country.


Description : 

Aadvik's Cow Colostrum Powder, already a powerhouse of natural goodness, now fortified with 600 IU of essential Vitamin D3 per serving! This first milk produced by cows after birth, making it a natural superfood. Our gentle freeze-drying process preserves all these benefits, delivering them in a convenient powder form. Now, with the added punch of Vitamin D3, This 100% pure and natural formula, free from preservatives and additives, is suitable for everyone, from children to adults. So, unlock the next level of health and well-being with Aadvik's Cow Colostrum Powder with Vitamin D3!