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Goat Milk Soap |100g | Orange and Lemon

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    • Handmade Goat Milk Soap(100gm)

    • Infused with Orange & Lemon essential oil

    • Prevents bacteria from gathering in the pores of the skin

    • Help fight bacterial and fungal infections

    • No added perfume & smell



Aadvik brings to you pure and healthy handmade Goat Milk soap infused with Orange & Lemon essential oil


What are its benefits?

    • It helps in removing dead skin cells. 

    • It helps in keeping the skin hydrated & keeps it moisturized. 

    • The presence of alpha-hydroxy acid helps in rejuvenating the skin cells. 

    • It helps in making the skin smoother & softer. 

    • It has anti-aging properties that help reduce fine lines & wrinkles. 


Enjoy your experience of luxurious and healthy cleansing with Aadvik’s Goat Milk Soap, infused with Tuberose essential oil! 


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