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Camel Milk Chocolate | Minis । Pack of 2 | 45g x 2 | 90gm

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    • Aadvik Camel Milk Chocolates-Chocolate so good it makes you do good! 

    • Now available in three different flavours in smaller Mini packs - Classic, Roasted Almond and Coffee.

    • Made with 100% Natural & Premium Ingredients. 

    • Made with the finest of Cocoa sourced from Idukki, Kerala; Camel Milk sourced from Rajasthan & Gujarat and Khandsari Sugar sourced from Uttar Pradesh. 

    • Our Camel Milk Chocolates contain no Artificial Preservatives or Additives.  

    • Our Chocolates may have a hint of salt and that’s solely because of the natural salty taste of Camel Milk.


    Crafted by experts, our Camel Milk Chocolates makes you reimagine how a chocolate should look, taste and feel like. It is an intricately crafted Camel Milk Chocolate Bar that uses 100% Natural Ingredients, that is reminiscent of the taste of the deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, with a twist of Cocoa from Idukki, Kerala! We offer a wide variety of Camel Milk Chocolates, from Classic to Roasted Almonds, to a special Coffee Flavour! Our Camel Milk Chocolates are inspired by the fine art of chocolate making, which allows us to bring to you a chocolate that is crafted to perfection. 

    Enjoy an exceptional melt-in-the-mouth chocolate experience that will delight you with the taste of single-origin cocoa beans! Relish a guilt-free indulgence in the exotic world of taste of Aadvik Camel Milk Chocolates! You’ll surely fall in love with this one! 

    Get your Pack of Aadvik’s Camel Milk Chocolates today!