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RAW Camel Milk Powder । Freeze Dried

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  • Aadvik’s Raw Camel Milk Powder is 100% Pure & Natural. 

  • Has a similar nutritive value to that of raw camel milk. 

  • The freeze-drying process ensures that all the nutrients remain intact, even in powder form. 

  • Contains a higher amount of Iron, Vitamin C, and a lower amount of fat than cow milk. 

  • It is Lab-tested and manufactured in ISO-certified plants.

  • Has a shelf life of 6 months; must be consumed within 30 days once opened. 


Welcome, India’s first Freeze-Dried Raw Camel Milk Powder, exclusively by Aadvik Foods!

Aadvik’s Raw Camel Milk Powder is 100% pure and natural as it is made from fresh, raw, and pure camel milk. It is sourced from selected camel breeders to ensure that the best quality products are being delivered to your doorstep. We have used the freeze-drying process, which ensures that all the nutrients and minerals are retained, even in powder form!

What are the benefits of Raw Camel Milk?

It helps in improving gastrointestinal health and builds immunity.
It helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.
It is rich in antioxidants that help in preventing cell damage.
It helps in improving autistic symptoms and even helps in reducing hyperactivity.
It has antiviral and antifungal properties.

Your milk is ready to be consumed in 3 easy steps!

Take 2 tbsp of Raw Camel Milk Powder
Add it to 200ml of warm water.
Mix it thoroughly with the help of a spoon/blender
Your milk is ready to be consumed! No hassle!

Try our Camel Milk for yourself & see the difference!