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Goat Milk | Frozen । 200ml (Only For South Regions)

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    • 100% Pure & Natural 

    • Is a powerhouse of nutrients required by the body. 

    • Has a shelf life of 2 months

    • Lab-tested. 

    • Available on Order on-demand.

    • Contact us to order. 


Aadvik offers an additional way to enhance your health with our Frozen goat milk. This bottle is a powerpack of all nutrients & minerals found in goat’s milk. Intact with all the important nutrients, it helps in nourishing the beneficial bacteria living in our gut ecosystem.

What are its benefits? 

    • It is easily digestible as it is made up of small fat particles. 

    • It consists of more minerals than cow’s milk, i.e., 33% of the daily recommended value. 

    • It helps in improving the blood platelet count during dengue or other viral diseases. 

    • It helps in keeping the heart-healthy. 

Bring in a change to your lifestyle and make it healthy with Buy Aadvik’s Frozen Goat Milk! 

Order now!  

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