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Is Camel Milk Available Near me?

When we think about camels, a few words that immediately swirl through our minds are the desert, transportation, camel rides, middle east, water, and oh! and of course the ever-fascinating hump! But, here’s an interesting fact - a camel's hump is extremely vital for its survival! It essentially stores its body’s fat which is later used in converting them to water when they travel for a longer duration of time in brutal weather conditions. How magical is that! Now that we’re talking about deserts, finding drinking water might be a mirage- but here’s something which is not- the same camel’s milk! Yes, it’s been a highly sought after by-product for centuries! Given that we have access to cow and buffalo milk at a hand’s stretch, it’s easy for us to miss out on a healthier and tested alternative for ourselves. One might find themselves exceedingly surprised that they have been missing out on this hidden gem for years which is a healthier alternative to the conventional cow’s milk. Let us not waste any more o'clocks.

The Origin Story
Historically, in terms of availability, camel’s milk was made commercially available in the later half of 2016, however, families in Rajasthan (which happens to be a state with highest production of Camel’s milk) and Gujarat had been consuming this milk for its diverse benefits since forever! Due to the lack of a settled market infrastructure, towns and villages are still an active part of the distribution channels and the supply-chain of goat milk. Ironically, a majority of the urban population in the metro cities haven't got a clue about the massive benefits of a bottle of camel milk! So, we’re here to help you come to speed with what’s it that you’ve been missing out on in the health world- and here’s a few things:

  • Shown to have a positive impact on Autism
    Although there is no significant scientific evidence obtained, the supporters of camel milk usually couple autism with camel’s milk therapy. So, this is how the science behind this is likely to work - camel milk is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that tackle the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) which is linked to diabetes, autism and other autoimmune diseases.
  • A treasure to lactose intolerant individuals!
    Camel’s milk is likely to be a better option than our traditional cow’s milk due to the presence of a lesser percentage of the enzyme - Lactose. In addition to this, camel’s milk is linked with surpassing food and milk allergies due to its difference in the protein structure.
  • Nutritional benefits along with lower chances of diabetes
    Camel’s milk is found to have way too many health benefits that we definitely cannot underestimate. Let us talk about the science behind this, shall we? Camel’s milk is found to be extremely rich in Vitamins A,B,C, D and E and of course due to the presence of antioxidants (as mentioned above) it has a high chance of reducing blood sugar levels and reducing insulin production, thereby likely to decrease the chances of diabetes.

Now that we are aware of what we were missing out on, let us discuss the other economical factors of Camel’s milk.

  • It is important that we know Camel’s milk is a tiny bit expensive to our traditional milk options. However, lack of infrastructure in the production process, low deployment of supply chains and oh! high nutritional benefits, the price is thereby conclusive.
  • Let us not forget the rural economical boost that has happened post 2016 where small dairies took charge of sourcing Camel’s milk; hence, ultimately provided supply to the pasteurization and hardcore milk plants.

Takeaways on availability:

  • It is 2021 and why are we not discussing the at-home availability of Camel’s milk and forms of its by-products?
    -Camel’s milk is available online anywhere and everywhere to get a hold of.
    -Companies have now made use of the inherent benefits of Camel’s milk and transformed them into soaps, chocolates, ghee, sweets and as a primary ingredient in other cosmetic products too!
    -Consumers have actively replaced cow’s and buffalo’s milk by Camel’s milk in their recipes - You heard that right! Pancakes, cereals and waffles are absolutely on the list!
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