Does Camel Milk help in height growth?

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When searching for organic, nutrient-rich superfood that will help in increasing height, it can be said that camel milk is the perfect addition to your diet. Its benefits are endless and it has been said that it helps in increasing height. According to a research conducted by experts, it was concluded that camel milk is a rich source of calcium, which makes the bones stronger and eventually, helps in increasing height. Apart from this, camel milk powder has the same properties that provides a varied range of health benefits, which are not available in other forms of milk available in the market.

For centuries, camel milk has been a part of the nomadic cultures and people living in the arid and semi-arid regions. It is considered as a primary source of nutrition in these areas. In the last few years, camel milk has gained much popularity and the demand for its products have increased drastically, especially in India. It is even produced in different regions on a global scale and can also be purchased online.

The question here arises: when there are cow’s milk and other animal-based milk products readily available in the market, then why is there a preference for camel milk? The simple answer to this is the benefits that follow after its consumption. From providing the body with essential nutrients to boosting immunity, being a safer option for lactose-intolerant individuals and lowering blood-sugar levels in diabetics, there are more camel milk benefits where it can help maintain the health of an individual.

Various health experts have suggested consuming camel milk for its benefits in increasing height. Being an excellent source of nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamins, minerals, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus, it becomes one of the best sources of keeping your body fit and healthy. Research has shown that consuming a mere 120ml of camel milk contains around 5% of your daily calcium intake, and at least 29% of your daily thiamine value.

<h1><center>Does Camel Milk help in height growth?</center></h1> | Aadvik Foods & Products Pvt. Ltd.

If you are unable to buy camel milk, its powder form is available online. Even in the powder form, it retains all the nutrients and minerals that it has in its liquid form. Its usage has been related to various benefits for people of all ages. Various studies conducted by experts have shown that children who consumed camel milk did not face any allergies, which they had to suffer from when they drank cow’s milk. Different researchers have concluded that this milk helps in boosting height, and has shown positive results among children. Many consumers of camel milk have also said that they have seen positive outcomes after drinking it.

Ayurveda says that camel milk is a great source of nutrients for increasing height and is known to be its most intrinsic property. It has always placed a great emphasis on the importance of maintaining the health of an individual by paying closer attention to the diet, lifestyle, and the use of proper herbs. It further states that camel milk is the second best alternative to mother’s milk as it has unique suitability for humans. To increase one’s height, Ayurveda says that adding shatavari and ashwagandha powder to it makes it the perfect combination.

<h1><center>Does Camel Milk help in height growth?</center></h1> | Aadvik Foods & Products Pvt. Ltd.

Both Shatavari and ashwagandha powder have been mentioned in ayurvedic texts, as having a beneficial effect on the ‘asthi dhatu’, that is, bones, and is considered as the most important for bone growth. Experts say that the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is considered as the most important factor that is responsible for growth and development of the body. Adding Shatavari and Ashwagandha powder to camel milk helps maintain the chemical balance in the body, along with the cell rejuvenation, which, in turn, helps in boosting the HGH hormones.

Ayurvedic scriptures state that, to see a difference in height, one must consume camel milk, with shatavari and ashwagandha at least twice a day. These two herbs help nourish the ‘asthi dhatu’ that gives the body the structure it needs.

Every parent wants their child to grow tall, so that they do not feel inferior in front of their peers. To overcome this, experts say that consuming camel milk will help in increasing their height, as it has a high amount of calcium, which makes the bones stronger, ultimately leading to an increased height. It has been said that height increase may depend on various factors such as genetics, physical activities, age, and even food habits. Adding camel milk to it may help in increasing height a little more. Nowadays, children are more focused on competition, rather than their health and consuming healthy food. This, in turn, affects their health. They are more attracted to fast food, but giving them a healthy source of nutrition is sacramental for their height growth. When it comes to consuming healthy food, this is considered as a superfood, which is seen as a magical organic food that plays a major role in increasing their height.

Stretching exercises, along with consumption of camel milk, may be another way of increasing height. A few of the exercises are:

Tadasana: Stretch your arms and stand on your toes for five minutes.

Chakrasana: This is another great method to elongate your spine. You can do it for approximately five minutes.

Suryanamaskar: This is one of the best forms of exercise, for both your mind and body. This helps to keep the mind calm and helps to increase your height. This exercise should be done for five minutes to see extraordinary results.   

How to use camel milk to increase height?

Step 1: Take 2 tbsp of camel milk powder, add it to lukewarm water.

Step 2: Take ashwagandha and shatavari powder. Add 2 tbsp in the mixture.

Step 3: If you do not like the taste, you can add powdered rock sugar to it, to enhance its taste. Rock sugar does not affect your health, as it has natural remedial properties since the ancient days.

Step 4: Drink this mixture twice daily to see effective results.

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